Enornal ForniTWOde

1. What the Eat?
2. You may know the truth but the truth may not know what it's talking about.
3. You talk real fast so you can't understand what I'm saying.
4. Our super race of Alien Robots will take you over. Then we'll make you pay us moNeY so we'll be rich. They'll come from the sky, while it is raining sauce, to bite humans like Superman did on the prairie with steeL TeetH!
5. Take the Kodak film and take the jazz music get a big wooden spoon and mix it together. Later you have Jell-O pudding take it out and then put in mouth & eat it. Then say DAaaAw that's some good Jell-O pudding.
6. Stuff ooh ah wuh
7. I'll Eat My Eggo WaFFles RAW!!!
8. Shut up No good Back talking shoes!
9. A message to milk carton from (The Joe) "If I ever see you again you won't even have a chance to see me. I'll give you a savage beating so fast you won't be able to spill on me. Soon you will be crushed, this goes for you too pen holder."
10. "Now you're gonna go back home & screw around with that board. You can't borrow my screw driver. You were all stoked because you thought you got the staple out. Hey, don't get bummed at me man because you could never get it out. Just because you could never get it out catalog. What are you talking about man? Just cause you got a staple in the dresser that's inside of your old house that you lived in 36 years ago. That you put there on October 16th man, is no reason to get bummed at me man cause you could never get it out man. So stop mass'n with me with man, dude whatever you want to be called Ack Um Ek."
-The Wika Wika Guy
11. "If you come home at the end of the day & you haven't been hit in the face by a shovel, it was a good day." -Dana Carvey's Irish father in Law
12. I live in Piemerica where the grass is always sweeter on the billboards.
13. "Now boy, You can't put a porcupine in a barn light it on fire & expect it to make liquorish." -Ross Perot 1996

#'s 1-8,10 written by Michael Reyes
11 & 13 written by Dana Carvey c/o Conan O' Brien
9 & 12 written with help of President (The Joe) [pre-legend]
4 originally intended for the Enornal Fornitude but was cut.
10 is an excerpt from The Oatmeal Phrase Tapes

1,2,3,6,7,8,9 Inducted 8/2/00; 5 Inducted 1/25/00; 10 Inducted 8/3/00; 11&13 Inducted 8/5/00
#4 (C) 8/25/99 Piemerican Enornal Fornitude  #12 (C) 2/22/01 Piemerica

(C)? 1999,2000,2001 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally Except 6

Short Names
Induction Date
1. Eat?
Wednesday, August 2, 2000
2. The Truth
Wednesday, August 2, 2000
3. Talk
Wednesday, August 2, 2000
4. Al Gore and the Robots
Inducted into the original Monday, October 25, 1999
5. How to Make Jello Pudding by Bill Cosby
Tuesday, January 25, 2000
6. Stuff OOh ah wuh
Wednesday, August 2, 2000
7. Raw Eggo Waffles
Wednesday, August 2, 2000
8. Back talk'n Shoes
Wednesday, August 2, 2000
9. Milk Carton
Wednesday, August 2, 2000
10. Staple in The Shelf
Thursday, August 3, 2000
11. Good Day or Bad Day?
Saturday, August 5, 2000
12. More Funny Words- AKA Living in Piemerica
Thursday, February 22, 2001

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Enornal ForniTWOde