The Twentieth Fornitude
  1. We need to prepare just in case something comes up or goes down.
  2. We're recording a comedy cd tonight so there is to be no laughing. I don't want anyone to mess up my pristine jokes.
Still Eat'n
  1. I have a big heart because it is full of cholesterol.
  2. I can eat all I want and never get fat. Y'know because I'm already fat.
  3. I view every food item purchased as a life decision because I could choke on it.
  4. I'm a fat guy and I've got 250 reasons why I am.
  5. When I ate seafood last week I pulled a mussel.
  6. Steak house? Sounds more like a tent to me.
  7. My favorite hobby is land fishing. I have been land fishing ever since I escaped from the sea. They say that land fishing isn’t good for people but people I am not.
  8. Is it just me or am I the only one sitting down?
  9. A Recipe for disaster:
    Homemade milk:
    Water, Chalk, & BeeF
  1. I'm not paying for a baby sitter, all they do is sit!
  2. You're stuck up & I don't mean robbed!
  3. Get to the point, as in the end of the sentence!
Moral Fiber or fiber optics?
  1. I don't think I could stand it if I had to sit down.
  2. A Dyslexic Race: Whomever can drive the fastest backwards wins.
  3. I wish my watch would tell me what time it is but I always have to read it.
  4. I'm a mad scientist because I'm not good at science.
  5. I got this Christmas Present last year.. well I guess it would be called a Christmas past now..
  6. I tried to spend my gas money the other day but they wouldn't take it. They're all like "I can't see it."
  7. If these walls could talk I would move.

Assembled & Organized February 11, 2007
All written by Emperor MAR in 2006/2007

2006-2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S