Enornal Twenty-Firstitude
1.   Piemerica, truly indie because only one person cares.
2.   Visit our web site conveniently located on the world wide web.

3.   I actually met my wife on my wedding day because before that she wasn't my wife.
4.   Man I sure do remember Nick, boy what a fellow, that guy.. my old hombre from when we were lads. Sometimes a gentleman, sometimes a joker. Cats like that buck sure are human.
5.   He's such a nice guy that if you made fun of him it would hurt your feelings.

6.   I'm not a professional, I'm a poefessional but that is still better than a confessional because I ain't in jail.
7.   I wrote the quitter's anthem, well I never finished it.
8.   The hardest working man in no business.

9.   portage kaleidoscope of crackled arbitraries
10.  Window pain I can’t get through you.

11.  If 6 was 9 I'd be rockin' like Hendrix at this card game.
12.  Television remotes should have a dumb button instead of a mute button.
13.  I misplaced my keys and found them under my keyboard.

14.  The only time I've been drunk is that time the vampire bit me.
15.  Make sure you cut that pizza fair and square.  Well.. not square.
16.  I'm not Cuban I'm roundan.
17.  I eat so much that I bring a paramedic with me to buffets.

18.  I once jumped off a bridge then all my friends did too because I'm a trend setter.

Assembled & Organized May 23, 2007
All written by Emperor MAR in 2007

2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S