Enornal Twenty-Fournitude
Losing It

Heavyweight Contender

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More to Say
  1. I don't have a memory problem because I never remember that I forgot something to begin with.
  2. I'm worse with names than the statue of liberty. I just rename everyone I meet.
  3. I can't remember, I want to say Larry gave us this, but that guy sucks and would never do that.

  4. Ugh, I hate watered down water.
  5. Caffeine free huh? What, that makes it cost like 15 cents less?
  6. Which is food?
    A. Ham
    B. Not Ham
    C. All of the above
  7. It's a cornucopia of flavors minus the cornucopia.
  8. Hey they got free tacos there, except it costs money.
  9. This tastes like dog food! And I should know, I've eaten a lot of dogs.
  10. I've gained so much weight already this year I might have to start hibernating early.

  11. I haven't done that since high school. And I graduated high school 25 years ago, minus the 20. See I at least learned math.
  12. I'm a real vocabulary buff. In fact I just finished reading the dictionary. I didn't like it, it wasn't wordy enough for me.
  13. What does the M stand for? B?
  14. You mean history took place in the past?

  15. I wouldn't pay that much for a car, mainly because I don't have that much.
  16. I'm wearing shorts, although I don't know where the second one is.
  17. I love team sports because one part of the crowd is always happy.
  18. ..At least that is what I gather after adding several words to what he said.

Assembled & Organized October 7, 2008
All written by Emperor MAR unless noted

2008 Piemerica
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S