The Twenornal-Sixatude
  1. Think slow!
  2. 2 on 3.. 123  2!
  3. Welcome Matt, Everyone Else Go Away!
  4. I'm going through this hard time called life.
  5. I'm going to set a new world record of things done by me today.

  6. That toffee is like a fine Crème brûlée except I know what toffee is.
  7. ahh meat. yes, a man's vegetable.  -Anthony Gullet
  8. True story, I was going to save a file on this Mac and it asked me if I wanted to save it in the Trash. Hilarious and compelling.

  9. I remember when that picture was taken.. a look at by me, which is right now. How can I remember the present (without it even being Christmas (Eve) time)?
  10. I remember when that photo was taken. I wasn't there but I remember being alive that year, or at least.. that is what my brain wants me to think.

  11. Thes. Abbrevs. Don'. mak. sens. t. m.
  12. My memory is memorable.
  13. That is such a big word, I don't even know how to hear it!
  14. I'm so dumb someone should bash in my head just to fill the space.

  15. If you love me so much why won't you let me be selfish & prideful?
  16. I'm so mean it is obvious that I don't lie.

  17. Isn't that interesting.. to me?
  18. It's the type of thing you never forget.. What was I talking about?

Assembled  July 26, 2009. Organized July 28, 2009
All written by Emperor MAR in 2009 except #4, 14,15 written by Emperor MAR in 2005 & #7 written by Anthony Gullet May 4, 2009

2005, 2009 Piemerica
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S, Piemerican-International-Governmental-Society