Enornal Twenty-Sevenitude
  1. Someone should sue Starbucks. They sell litterable litter, literally.

  2. I don't ever try anything new or old. I get things done.
  3. This is how I how now.
  4. I lost all concept of time last.. um... uh..
  5. I only have one arm (on my left side).

  6. How many times has someone asked you this question?
  7. Anyone who runs into idiots isn't good at running.
  8. I'm tired of their he and she-nanigans how many times do they have to be nan?
  9. My doctor says yes but not relating to that question.
  10. I'm a real vocabulary buff. In fact I just finished reading the English dictionary. I didn't like it though. It wasn't wordy enough for me. Next time I'll read the Spanish-English dictionary, that has a lot more words.
  11. When it comes to poetry I'm not poetic I'm poeattit.
  12. I like to mess up mess halls to be literal and then I convert them into halls.
  13. I could invent a parachute for a parakeet and call the bird a paraparakeet.

  14. Ge-off:  A woman from the Current in St. Louis took this picture.
    Emperor MAR:  How did you get the picture back?
  15. Amnesia is a strange thing. It makes me wonder if I've had it before because how would I remember if I did? There seems to be no way of knowing.
  16. Ge-off:  Hope to see you in the past?
    Emperor MAR:  Oh yeah seeing me in the past is the easiest way to see me if you already know me.

  17. You're so great that on an alphabetic scale with A being the worst you'd be asleep.
  18. Food for thought if you can fit it in your tum

  19. (While Looking at the night sky).  Which one are these stars is the sun?
  20. Every time I sleep I live a dream.

Assembled January 19-20, 2010. Organized January 19, 2010
All written by Emperor MAR in 2009 except #14 & #16 written by Emperor MAR & Ge-off

2009-2010 Piemerica
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S, Piemerican-International-Governmental-Society