The Twenty-Eighthornaltude
No Census Is Worth These Questions
  1. I'm taking a reverse census. Where are you not from?
  2. There were here. Where?
  3. Which one of you is the other one?
  4. If you can read this say "I can't read."
  5. Have you met your friends yet?
  6. Name someone you've never even heard of.

  7. Do you make your own hair, do you grow it yourself?
  8. How many books are in your eyebrow?  (Zero is the obvious answer).
  9. If you had no face would you be able to face in a given direction?
  10. Does your clock talk?
    Does it tell time?
    Well if it tells time it talks right?
  11. If <3 is love is >3 hate?
  12. How old was earth on the last Earth Day, that is its birthday right?
  13. How long is now?

  14. Is this that thing I've heard so none about?
  15. Byron Inc? That guy misspelled ink on his sign why would anyone want to buy ink from him now?

  16. Hey it has been a while, is one still a number?
No Questions Are Worth These Answers
  1. Yo yo yo, that is my new invention it's the sequel to the yoyo.
  2. I'm so bad at rollerskating I can't even standstillerskate.
  3. What is my taste in music? I prefer bluegrass to rock because grass is more of a food.
  4. I wish all Canadians would say eh like Fonzie says Eyyy!
  5. I'm a man of the world. All of my clothes are imported.
    My shirt was made in Gatar. My pants were made in Bangladesh. My underwear was made in Honduras. My shoes were made in China.
  6. I talk so fast, I talk at the speed of sound.

  7. This is not a show but a tell.
  8. Running into a Volley of Green
  9. Thanks for nothin' because I like nothing.
  10. This song is too mellow it should be more mtn dew.
  11. Yo Imma roll out, I'll catch you on the flop side because the flip side just doesn't do it for me.

  12. I thought mirrors were me because wherever I see one there I am.

Assembled April 2010. Organized April 15, 2010
All written by Emperor MAR in 2010

2010 Piemerica
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S, Piemerican-International-Governmental-Society