Enornal ForniThreed

0. Open your fork fill them with honesty
1. & the bubble took the rain dog
2. Skillet hats were the cord in the back of my wall
3. Highly dre~ssed up boards feeling low.
4. "Nothing but clear silent scooping ahead," said the former pinky nail shrapnel mate
5. Who says we can dance & prance & say & la & de & da & de da? -Anonymous
A.K.A. #7 The Immortal From fake book Incandescent Bulb Meat
6. Bad weather or a good cheap plaque?
7. The last time my bowl acted up I saw a clog shoe driving a chimney down the broccoli wheat boot.
8. My very own clock, thought the boy while getting a savage beating.
9. Torq helped me learn my AB4s & my final catalog in my ripe as a down trot blue trip to a sour cream can, can don't age of .5.
10. No orchard can bloop a ski chart after causing me to dive dive dive in warm cement soup.
11. My final? Limp plane caused me to peel.
12. Toothpick jungle with sewer? Gorilla in a New York train station. -Laslo PanafleX
13. ...warm has no ending, for we have sent a drill into the center of earth time & came back with a bottle containing...
-Mystery travelers, all that was found
All but #5 & #12 written by (The Joe)

(C)? 10/12 & 10/15/00 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally

Enornal ForniThreed Published by: P-I-G-S

Enornal Fornithreed