Enornal Thirti-1
I & I
1. I use comedy as a mask to hide my unfunniness.
2. I like to think outside the box except when I'm in a box, then I like to think of how to get out of said box.
3. I am as the French say, when they speak English, a "goofball."
4. I wonder how many times I've said, "I'll never forget the time..." and have actually forgotten.

5. I never taught my dog to sit because he already knew how.
6. I heard a police siren and thought R2-D2's crazy cousin was on the loose again.
7. I had a lighter and I tried to lighten my shirt with it but the shirt just turned black.

8. Being a comedian is tough. .. When I run out of material I buy bigger clothes. .. Sorry those last two sentences weren't related.
9. We had a long talk about how to write in shorthand.

Q & A
Being 1: Do you ever answer yes or no questions?
Being 2: Yes
Being 1: That is what I thought because I considered both options.

Q &.. well that's all..
1. So how have you been.. maintaining your eyesight? I maintain mine by not sticking sharp things in my eyes.
2. What is your advice to a man who doesn't exist?
3. Have you ever heard sound?
4. What is your shallowest, brightest secret?
5. I saw a sign around Christmas that said "Seasons Greetings." How come we only greet the seasons during the winter?
6. Since ethnicity is not a competition instead of using the word "race" I prefer to say "fun run." What fun run are you?
7. I hate questions that ask me things.

Assembled and Organized February 24, 2012
All written by Emperor MAR in 2011-2012

2012 Piemerica
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S, Piemerican-International-Governmental-Society