Enornal FouRnitude

1. Drink Chewbacca Cola It's yummerific!

2. I been sitting here t.V. Rewind all day in front of face

3. This dog & this duck went into a place, cause someone brought them.
Then the duck bit the dog & it was cool!

4. Spoon=Money

5. Can you feel the comb over?

6. Apple Tree. What sort of application.

7. Travel gives a sense of twin basket carring but only in fucha.

8. "The Pain of Leaf?" -Laslo PanafleX

9. Brain Dead Anchor Willow Marker

10. I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.

11. Love GOD & do what you please. What you please will then be good.

Freezer Freezer Problem

12.1 Oh my dear waste basket, (run forward) Who is still sleeping in the barn?

12.2 On what terms will cups be dispensed? Only in the event of a
parachute disrailing (Now showing)

12.3 It was my most prized possession though I never brought it home.
They said it was the birdingest nose they ever did see. (Clip2)

12.4 Home Sick, you're not welcome here? Unless! of course you know Zoobadu. (Scene8)

12.5 Nothing like a good ole fashion salty seedling to liven up the Day
(Scene of endearment)

12.6 [Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator]- "Flat faced souvenir
always throwing dolls at fear."

12.7 [Stage Direction] Settle down to an up beat fleet of sheets.

12.8 (Sign in a dark window) Alert Skillet Companies! Their skillets
are too big for hat use. Sign my petition for smaller skillets.

12.9 (Take 12) Arr yuo Sir Tain! {Cut..}

13. "Hey you Cosmonauts, I'm the Real Ford Viesta."
-Joel Goddard Announcer on Late Night with Conan 'O Brien

(C) 1999,2000,2001 P-I-E
except #s 10,11,&13

# 2 from 1999
# 1,3,4,6,7,12.1-12.6,12.8 from 2000
5,9,12.7,12.9 from 2001

Partial ownership to # 8 by PanafleX Ind.

Enornal FouRnitude Published by P-I-G-S
Enornal FouRnitude