Enornal Four+twode

1. Food taste good results only occur when eaten.
2. The Mouse is a House that has no key. The Mouse is a House & it's living in me!
3. "If you're ever standing around & the sound resounds over the baseball pitcher's mound, it's gonna feel like Kentucky" ~The Wika Wika Guy
4. I'm so much of a quitter I give up when I'm not even doing anything.
5. C'mon eating expired food is like taking a trip down memory lane.
6. If I had a raspberry I'd call it a pair cause I want 2 raspberries!
7. My pen doesn't work, that must mean it is unemployed.
8. Carpet wearing scissors Willet cut? W-i-l-l-e-t? Willet?
9. That a lot of bed! Who sleeps on a tire bed, not eye because my nose is in the way.
10. "If something is inside can it really be out?" ~CB
      "If it's going all the way through." ~(The Joe)
11. You say you have mad cow disease.
      Don't worry it's not a disease
      Just feed your cow a flower every hour
      And it will be happy
      as your old senile granpappy
12. Replace that sass mouth with a higher class mouth.
13. I try to never look directly into a mirror in fear of being cloned. A quick flash of light will enter my brain through my eyes & exactly duplicate it all. The image reflected will clone my body but this version will be left handed!
14. If we could see us, the way that they see us, what would we think? What would we do?;

(C)? 2000-2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
#1 from about 8/23/00
Assembled 3/4/02 & 3/5/02

Enornal Four+twode Published by: P-I-G-S