The Seventh Fornitude

1. Safety=Danger
2. It's as hot as a robot in the sun. Robot.. not android.
3. There's a fine line between genius & idiot & I am that line because I am so fine.
4. I used to look good, now I need to wear a hood.
5. Instead of being interesting I'm just resting.
    ~ >Legend<
6. Electronic Male what is that a robot?
7. Wait until the sun goes up.. & then go to sleep.
8. Have I lost my touch? No I'm just out of reach.
9. Imaginary Lines have rolled this space ship to safety "into thin air"
10. We will explain the future withe past
11. I swallow my pride for lunch because it always fills me up.
12. Deep Sleet, Trashed Purple Tar
13. I was watching tv.. then it was watching me.
All written by Emperor MAR or (The Joe) >Legend<
#1 from 2002
#12 from Equal Non-Equal Neutral 2000
(C)? 2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally Except 1 & 12
Assembled 2/28/04

Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S
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