Enornal ForNINEtude

The Worthy
1. Kakleing the poetry of a madman
2. gasp! (should be sigh of relief)
3. Bringing back the good ole days of tomorrow -#3
4. I'm the happiest madman alive
5. If all you felt were all you know, you would not feel at all. ~Velvet Sunset
6. As close as a ghost.
7. No one is interesting enough to be interested.
8. I'm a man of the land that likes to eat mechanically separated spam.
9. An elevator on a farm
    Hik Up
    Hik Down
10. Plight bran tools Madam? No I'm not mad.
11. I'm not fast asleep.
12. Never heard this would be only one trace. Ever intended to speak. One does not know what it became. Nor even if it were born.
13. .laced tailed monkey in a soup bowl extraction frenzy.

The Rejects

1. These folks is more boring than an unwild boar...
2. I'm laughing at you on the inside because I'm too lazy to laugh out loud.
3. We can speak in the future if the present is persistent
4. I used to watch old films & I thought they were calling me dumb.
5. I only search once.
6. I'm 2 steps above so 1 down is not as desired by some.
7. I'm a self proclaimed Millionaire b/c I figure that's as close as I'll ever get.
8. a one way photo
9. A Dream of Fear:  ..I ran & I ran & I awoke & then I ran..
10. I had a life that was to be lived so I lived it.

The Pitiful

1. My mind is quick but my butt is thick
2. Since I turned 18 when I make a joke I don't say I'm kidding I say I'm adulting. But people always think I'm talking about harassing a female & turn away in disgust.
3. I wish it was as cool as me in here but then again I don't want everything to freeze.
4. That was supposed to be an icebreaker but the response was so cold... I burst into flames.
5. When I go to the buffet I don't stop eating til I lose consciousness.
6. (The Joe) in a furnace:  It's almost as hot as I am in here.
Assembled 7/17/04
The Worthy #5,7,10,11,13 written by Emperor MAR,  #1,2,4,6,8,9 written by (The Joe), #3 written by #3, #12 is a secret
All of The Rejects written by Emperor MAR except #4 by (The Joe)
All of The Pitiful written by Emperor MAR

The Worthy #4 2000 P-I-E, # 3,8,9 2001 P-I-E, #1,2,6,13 2002 P-I-E, #5,7,10,11 2004 P-I-E
The Rejects all 2004 P-I-E except #4 which is from earlier
The Pitiful all 2004 P-I-E except #4 which is from earlier

2000-2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally

Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S