Foreign Fornitude

1. "My arms eyes bled when the cats bones stuck up through my knees
because of the make up running from the back of the baseball bat."

2. "Coffee strikes frost bite and explodes with deodorant (unknown to glenn)."
-Laslo PanafleX
3. "Twenty years before rocks my Desperado threw up four black boards."
-Omaha Nebraska

4. "Kilts should wear skillets with newspaper clipping eyes and a glass pencil."
-(The Pete)

5. "The pad dumped on the frace of a digging six minus the hand of a alarm insect."

6. "If you wear a mexican the spoon will melt backwards"
-Omaha Nebraska

7. "Run Run Run into the wall said the cat to the spoon. into the wall"
-The Scott

8. "When the gorilla's hand stomps for five pails of golf racks, the I will prevail to ground
hairs of mole post stew in the blue swen of foot guy building."

9. We got wot it takes to take wot you got." -Mortal Enemy

10. "Skillet Hats are great for hitting people, and other great things.
Penguins can't fly without skillets. Driving reduces intelligence.
Hit the road quick." -Laslo PanafleX

11. "I stick to what I am & what I be is what I are" -(The Joe)

12. "When the ground is wet a knife will travel to the weast in alarm
clocks hand for 6. savage beating Act 2 days." -P.O.C.

13. "I Don't want no circus scream'n down my chimney." - #7

14. "I have never seen such an anvil round up in all my life." -Monfar

15. "Maybe if the pin sounds a desk on the hopper," -P.O.C.

16. "Loaf of cauliflower." -Hat

17. "Robe hey bot go do what we are now supposed 'ot." -Sif Ab

18. "Trip to tropical wasking board yum yum." -The Tum

19. "One day I saw a Book I had read before, and it was great, so
I put it in a blender and Drunk it. I got smarter, and something something
Bill Gates, and thats how the first dog really got into space (or
so it would seem.)" -Laslo PanafleX

20. "We will strap more laceless frog all or more. Eat my glass board
on the inside number third floor." -The bricks of the building

Plagiarized exclusively by Piemerica (except P.O.C. quotes (C) 2000 & 2001 Swen of Foot Prod.) 
#11,13,14,16,17,18,&20 (C) 2000 & 2001 Piemerica-Inc.-Eternally Published by P-I-G-S
Foreign Fornitude