Piemerican Fornitude

  1. Piemerica for Piemericans
    -Laslo PanafleX
  2. Enjoy your freedom while you still can.
    -Classic Pie Inc. Slogan
  3. "Dreams are noting more than a screensaver for the brain."
    -The Scott
  4. Don't fire up a chicken in my graveyard
  5. Whoever said nothing is impossible never tried to slam a revolving door.
  6. We don't own you yet or so it would seem..
    -Classic Pie Inc. Slogan
  7. "Emergency Exit" "on" "the Roller"
  8. Scab ridden faces morph as if the ultimate control is given to a siege
    but the only way out is the common registration of pieces sewn to part.
    -Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator
  9. "if i do not do somthing somthing will not happen so i shall stay on my coach it is my one comfort"
    -}The Joemeister{
  10. (The Joe): uh oh that cat is digging in the rocks over there you know what that means..
    Joenan: Poo Poo Poo
  11. Everything tastes like chicken in the end,
    And chicken.....Tastes good
  12. New Novelty Shotgun which end fires first? Who knows? Who cares?
    -Laslo PanafleX
  13. (TheJoe)is a mastermind at building your own podium tips??? $
    -Omaha Nebraska
  14. I'm a good, hard worker machine oriented pseudo human
    -Laslo PanafleX
  15. The ceese it flight arrr burgers go chicken north-east
    -}The Joemeister{
  16. Piemerica:  Solicitors welcome or so it would seem..
    -Classic Pie Inc. Slogan
  17. Emperor MAR: Are you going to be a rocket scientist when you grow up?
    Joenan: No, I'm gonna be a Rockenrolist
  18. Queen of Scotland % Mark Alsace
  19. "I'll tell you anything you want, just keep buying my bred. Ha Ha Ha..."
    -Catastrosphere The Ultimate Lawn Simulator
  20. If only my pigeon hadn't sneezed for Brady Bunch I'd still be crakin rope.
    -Omaha Nebraska
  21. life calls and ive got no answering machine
    -}The Joemeister{
  22. Not Seasons Greetings, Savage Beatings
    -(The Joe) Legend

Assembled March 4, 2004; July 1 & 17, 2004; & October 31, 2004 Extended with #s 7 & 22 November 22, 2004
Quotes range from 1998-2004

Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S