Enornal Plugitude

  1. Able bodied able minded
    but not willing
    Well not able bodied
  2. faceless oppression what happened
    {get over it}
    We traded society for Technology
  3. This seems like a western comedy
  4. Like an Rocky Mountain jungle he is
  5. see self tiger jungle
    moutins woods
    I think
  6. WHAT is this
    WHERE did it come from
    WHY don't I use questionmarks
  7. Toon in soon for the continuing story
  8. w-hoops!!
  9. I feel like I'm living in a glass house of mirrors
  10. feels a breeze of maroon pillows or else!
  11. i shuld werk for the gov't as postmaster unspecified
  12. no time to loose just to gain
    fall willow fall
    don't look close
    wraps curd
    to begin
  13. runs to door in towel
    "anyone there?"
    smells fart
    farts to cover it up
  14. thje treturnifn plug
    redfguese to ueesx bkakc cspacwe key
  15. busts through open window...
    discovers glass is see though...
    realizes shirt has not always been red..
  16. I walk through walls or was that just a curtain?
  17. super dinosaurs my old friends!!!
  18. looks like a caveman but from another dimension
  19. Emperor MAR: too obese to die
  20. Emperor MAR always wins
    in terms of losing
  21. loosened substantiallity
  22. reenhanced pasta soldiers
  23. scoops up a scomb
  24. middle
    taser lighting
  25. wandering a round
    i sphere no circle
  26. If a cube were a sphere it would be "like help I'm rolling"
  27. I don't get it someone never said that a gigantic mouse stole a rainbow letter when they should have

Assembled February 16 & 23, 2005
Compilation of the best things said by Emperor MAR on the Classic 2002 Plug thread on ateaseweb.com
1-5 from August 20, 2002; 6 from August 20, 2002; 7 from September 15, 2002; 8-11 from September 18, 2002;
12-13 from September 20, 2002; 14 from September 22, 2002; 15-25 from September 24, 2002; 26-27 from September 29, 2002

Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S