Enornal Journalnatude

  1. Tables have always been a favorite placing objects platform for me.
  2. I'm afraid of lemonade. Lemons are sour enough without aide.
  3. I got fed up after lunch.
  4. Home is where I ended up in while the sun shined no more.
  5. I'd then look the parrot directly in its eyes & realize we wasted our time.
  6. Camp to the sofa lock.
  7. Don't take my word for it because that would be theft.
  8. I'd parade around town in my big shot hat & my neck brace.
  9. I'll be a sky diver until I hit the ground.
  10. They need a good ole fashion whoop'n. I'd do it myself if I weren't such a tough guy, when it comes to tolerance.
  11. Laser shirts. I'd enjoy rail, zero's colours.
  12. But this time... is no different except.. the time.
  13. The award I would like to get would give me money. It would be called the free money award for idiots.. & I'd be the first non-idiot to win it.

Assembled May 6 & June 12, 2005
Compilation of the Emperor MAR's favorite lines from (The Joe)'s journals.

2001-2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally

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