Audio Fornitude
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Joenan: Hey Joe I Think I'm recording something. This is really weird.
(The Joe): mocking voice really weird
Joenan: Huh?
Start clearing your throat positively. Instead of going negative throat clear. Go for positive throat clear.
Emperor MAR: You know what a real traffic jam is?
Joenan: No
Emperor MAR: (There's) blood & guts!
Emperor MAR: Hey man let's go pick up some chicks
Joenan: Oh yeah? Really?
Emperor MAR: At the petting zoo
Joenan: disappointed aww
I sure got me some thirst for some solids.
Man 1: What? Insert name here is dead! Why???
Man 2: Because everybody has to die someday.
Man 1: Okay
I don't smoke instead I sweat because I'm a man not a machine although I still have gas.
I escaped from the lab & now I am walking slow because they were going to kill me anyway so I don't think they mind that I got away.
I could have like a break room. Not a room to take a rest but a room to break things because I'm so mad.
Look we could cut your yard or we could cut you. It's your choice.
You grow it. We mow it.
The Highest Number is One insane laugh
Pedestrian:  Pedestrians have the right of way take that drivers!
Driver:  Oh yeah well pedestrians have to walk. Take that pedestrians!
Pedestrian: Hey look at me driver's I don't have to stop at the red light.
Driver: Oh yeah well you have to stop to rest.
Pedestrian: disappointed aww
See I wear two watches. If I ever get under arrest I'm gonna have a whole lotta trouble. Because then I'm gonna have handcuffs on & I won't be able to see what time it is no more. I'll be like "Hey what time is it? I can't see!" And they'd think I'd be too mad & they'd beat me up.
The great thing about rain is that I can urinate & nobody would even know.
I saw a sign that said "Slow Children at Play" I was like "Man I ain't no child! .. but I am slow."
Emperor MAR: Is that the golf course over there?
Joenan: Of course it is.
Leave a leaf
Emperor MAR: Hey guess what man.
Joenan: What
Emperor MAR: Oh you got it! Just like I told you to.
Man 1: Hey check out the sun today
Man 2: Ok looks at sun, screams in pain
Pulling your groin makes you groan
You best step back. Step back because I'm the baddest man in the world. I can't even be close to myself I'm so bad.
If you lived on the beach & had a kitty cat & it was an outdoor cat what would you name it?
Because I would name mine Sandy Claws
Dude with an attitude that is rude.
Joenan: That's Anna
Emperor MAR: I don't know who that is but I do know her name.
It's funny last week I walked out here because it was soaking wet because it was raining.
This week it's not raining & I'm still soaking wet because I'm sweating.
I don't want to be afraid I want to be the fraid
Instead of a garage they should call it a carage
Can you imagine ok with no k? That would be good.
Dad: I'm gonna take you to the shed.
Kid: But dad we ain't got no shed.
Dad: Go build me a shed.
You know sky I really admire you because you're always something that I can look up to.

Assembled & Organized August 11-12, 2005.
All written & performed by Emperor MAR & Joenan
All audio recorded from May-August 2005 except #1 & 2 which are from January 2005
All text/quotes from 2005 except #13 which is from Oct. 2001

2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally
Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S

Rereleased as a single track on Music from the AudiOcular Manifestation Boo! Bub? Boo. Bluh? Vol. 2- The Sounds of Christmas Eve

CD TrackList
  1. Really Weird
  2. Clear Your Throat Positively
  3. A Real Traffic Jam
  4. Pick Up Chicks
  5. Thirst for Solids
  6. Why Do People Have to Die?
  7. Not Wax
  8. Escape from the Lab
  9. Break Room
  10. Mower's Motto 1
  11. Mower's Motto 2
  12. The Highest Number is One
  13. Pedestrians vs. Drivers Pt. 1
  14. Pedestrians vs. Drivers Pt. 2- Stopping Travelers
  15. Watch my Watches
  16. The Great Thing About Rain
  17. No Child
  18. Is that the golf course?
  19. Leave
  20. Guess What
  21. Sun Sun
  22. Groin
  23. Baddest Man
  24. Sandy Claws
  25. Rude Attitude
  26. That's Anna
  27. Soaking Wet
  28. The Fraid
  29. Car age
  30. o
  31. Shed
  32. Skyadmiration

Artwork Created 1999 & November 15, 2003