1. Emperor MAR: Hey want to talk?
    Lori: Yeah sure
    Emperor MAR: Alright go ahead
  2. Lori: I've gotta pee.
    Emperor MAR:  Well what are you going to spell with it?
  3. Emperor MAR: What is your favorite letter?
    Lori: U
    Emperor MAR: What are your favorite letters?
    Lori: U R
  4. Emperor MAR: I know I could be funnier!
    Lori: You could be funnier?
    Emperor MAR: Yeah if people would laugh more
  5. Joenan: Hey they got peppermints in there.
    Emperor MAR: Ah I don't like peppermints.
    Joenan: What you like salt mints don't you?
  6. Lori: I've gotta pee.
    Emperor MAR:  Well I've got Tea so lets put them together & you'll have something to wipe with.
  7. Lori: Are you always ready to eat?
    Emperor MAR: No, sometimes my mouth is closed
  8. Lori: You've gotta pay attention
    Emperor MAR: Pay what?
  1. Person 1: How do you get here from here?
    Person 2: Take 4 rights
  2. Person 1: This is good tea
    Person 2: Yeah it's so legible
  3. Person 1: You look like a little boy
    Person 2: I'm just kidding
  4. We need to talk. I haven't been completely honest with you because I am fooling you into thinking I have something to say right now.
  5. Man: Does this pen work?
    Pen: I sure do!
  6. Person 1: What are you going to do for a living?
    Person 2: Eat Drink & breathe
  7. Person 1: Get off your high horse
    Person 2: Hey my horse is way too high for me to get off of, it's the tallest high horse in the whole wide world. I would fall to my death if I were to get off my high horse.
  8. Person 1: I'll keep that in mind
    Person 2: Don't keep it in there too long because you need the space!
  1. Person 1: What time is it?
    Person 2: I think it's about time I look at my watch now that you've asked.
  2. [Guy watching a fight]
    Wow this is like a knife fight but without the benefit of knives.
  3. Person 1: I've got a surprise for you
    Person 2: What is it?
    Person 1: The Surprise is that there is no surprise
  4. Person 1: What did I just say?
    Person 2: What did I just say?
  5. Person 1: Giggles
    Person 2: Why are you laughing?
    Person 1: Because it smells funny in here.
  6. (Person 1 tries twice to open a door)
    Person 1: Can't you read?
    Person 2: Of course I can read! I just don't know the difference between push & pull
  7. Person 1:  What month has "vember" in it?
    Person 2:  November
    Person 1:  Nope it says it has no vember in it
  8. Person 1: I bet you do.
    Person 2: I bet I don't.
    Person 1: Oh yeah, you wanna bet?
    Person 2: We just did!

Assembled June 20 & October 21, 2006
Arranged October 28, 2006
All conversations 2005-2006 Piemerica
Written by Emperor MAR, Lori, & Joenan

Enornal Fornitude Published by: P-I-G-S