Emperor MAR & Piemericans
Laslo PanafleX
  1. Emperor MAR:  answers are Miss Leading.
    Laslo PanafleX:  answers usually are mister leading from my second long careers like fourteen
  2. Emperor MAR:  does my site not put other modern, interactive, funny, sites,, to, shame,?,,,,,,
    Laslo PanafleX:  it not only shames them....your site is so ubiquitous with shame distribution it is like the man, exxon valdez, only with pie and not petrol              keep up the good work kind sir, and sir, kind...
Empress Lori 
  1. Lori:  well it kinda is a mysterious type of book but it is old therefore not too scary
    Emperor MAR:  how did it taste?
    Lori:  a little bitter at first but sweet as it was going down
    Emperor MAR:  how can you taste it while it goes down. What is that an after taste?
    Lori:  yes, something like that
  2. Emperor MAR:  you're so sweet you make me want to change Piemerica to Lorimerica with Pie!
    Lori:  wow ;)
    Emperor MAR:  But I won't. I still love you though.
  1. Manda:  so whats up
    Emperor MAR:  there are many things above me
  2. Real Name:  and this thing was fighting back
    Emperor MAR:  so it didn't start the fight then
  3. Bottle of Sand:  cant fight cold hard facts
    Emperor MAR:  i sure can but I'd get killed in the fight
  4. Ambie:  i just realized how im gunna die
    Emperor MAR:  while dying?
    Ambie:  hm that way too
  5. Emperor MAR:  Finally.. Do you think OJ did it? and by it I mean tasted great
    Pete:  yes
  1. Emperor MAR:  I suggest you call The Police or maybe just Sting..
    UH:  ehh I have a gun. I think I can take her
    Emperor MAR:  why so much murder?
    UH:  self defense
    Emperor MAR:  right, will you be hiding or will you slip the gun into her drink?
    UH:  hmmm probably her coffee it will dissolve faster in hot liquids
    Emperor MAR:  yes that would taste good
  1. Emperor MAR:  i'm busy
    Fritter:  well hello whats up? busy with what?
    Emperor MAR:  i just thought that would be the funniest initiating greeting ever
  2. Emperor MAR:  somehow I seem to be famous. I don't know how a normal guy like me gets so famous. How odd.
    Fritter:  it's because you're very different.
    Emperor MAR:  oh yeah I must have been thinking of that guy that no one remembers instead
  3. Fritter:  you have a job or anything?
    Emperor MAR:  no job possibly an anything. i have a job interview tomorrow so that is good for me & maybe them
  4. Fritter:  it's a book worth drinking.
    Emperor MAR:  so it's not a paper back then.. ahahahah
  5. Fritter:  thats rich
    Emperor MAR:  I hope that'll make me rich (not with disease though, I've got plenty of tha... I mean I'm not a bio-weapons guy at all)
  6. Fritter:  youre a piece of work
    Emperor MAR:  yeah never the whole thing :(
  7. Fritter:  i joined the navy.
    Emperor MAR:  so you could sail the ccccccc
  1. Ditz:  wow ur like smart
    Emperor MAR:  all i did was learn
    Ditz:  well at least ya learned
  2. Ditz:  wow ur like"she's so dumb"right now
    Emperor MAR:  I prefer"I'm so smart"because I get built up & you don't get torn down everyone wins!
  3. Ditz:  well i think u could be really sweet if u wanted too
    Emperor MAR:  (bad joke alert?) i know I can but I have food so I don't have to taste me anymore..
  4. Ditz:  long story it'd take me forever to explain
    Emperor MAR:  well then that is waaay too long so don't. forever!? how did it happen in the first place if it takes so long to explain?
Shirt Man
  1. Emperor MAR:  Is reminding the same thing as not forgetting or is this really a one man game.
    Shirt Man:  I take em air-dried, not ironed.
    Emperor MAR:  But iron is air if you breathe it.. oh sorry wrong planet. Fine choise fors dryings
  2. Shirt Man:  nothing can last forever
    Emperor MAR:  Except forever itself it would seem.
    Shirt Man:  forever being an idea
    Emperor MAR:  a good idea
    Shirt Man:  I think it's a lasting idea as well
  3. Shirt Man:  you're a brilliant fella
    Emperor MAR:  No I'm not that pale
  1. Emperor MAR:  welcome back
    Holly:  thanx
    Emperor MAR:  you are welcome. good exchange eh?
  2. Emperor MAR:  what have your doings been this summer of... summer?
    Holly:  nuttin'much just hangin'
    Emperor MAR:  sounds like if you hung that long you'd be dead so congrats for staying alive so long
  3. Holly:  sorry, my computer froze and i had to shut it down
    Emperor MAR:  it sure must be cold there
  4. Holly:  things have pretty cool down here where i live
    Emperor MAR:  even during the summer! 
  5. Emperor MAR:  I'm shocked
    Holly:  why
    Emperor MAR:  because I keep trying to put my finger in the power outlet
  6. Holly:  ur funny
    Emperor MAR:  i hope so or else all those people laughing are really mean to me
Black Rose
  1. Black Rose:  i don't ever say it
    Emperor MAR:  Really!? i use"it"all the time
  2. Emperor MAR:  greetings may I talk to you then immediately stop?
    Black Rose:  okay i guess sure
    Emperor MAR:  ok I'm done then ends
  1. wisper:  my tongue has been getting in trouble lately
    Emperor MAR:  for talking or for tasting food you haven't paid for?
  2. wisper:  sounds really good and it prolly tastes better then it sounds
    Emperor MAR:  yeah because sound doesn't taste good
  3. Emperor MAR:  funny guy is bad?
    wisper:  no funny guy is good weird guy is bad
    Emperor MAR:  but I'm both so i must just be ok
    wisper:  your decent.... just kidding nah your good
  4. wisper:  GUESS WHAT!!!! I finished my computer homework
    Emperor MAR:  I got less than a 20th of a second to guess
    wisper:  sorry u can guess now
    Emperor MAR:  no that would be cheating
  1. R4:  yo yo yo!
    Emperor MAR:  is that like the new yo yo? now it has 3 yos
  2. R4:  Wow we should throw a party!
    Emperor MAR:  no if we throw something someone could get hurt or something could get broken
  3. R4: fell into my trap
    Emperor MAR:  funny because I still don't realize it is a trap because it was so ill conceived aha
    R4:  yes, i am slick
  4. R4:  i love orange sherbet push ups!
    Emperor MAR:  yeah but it does hurt the purpose of the exercise of push ups
  5. R4:  why does the sun shine at night?
    Emperor MAR:  because you live on the wrong side of the world
  6. Emperor MAR:  yes the ultimate plan. ahahahahaahahahaha oh no!
    R4:  why the'on no! 'problem with plan?
    Emperor MAR:  no i just laughed so much I spilt my sanity
    R4:  wow does that hurt
    Emperor MAR:  only if you stand on a bridge
    R4:  well you better be sure not to do that then
    Emperor MAR:  I'll have a fire lane installed on my local bridge so if I do I'll be escorted away by kindly police cop officers
Emperor MAR & Non-Piemericans
Nubby A Vegner
  1. Nubby A Vegner:  flying hat, do you like the unicorns?
    Emperor MAR:  no i prefer uneaten cobs
  2. Emperor MAR:  you own a magazine.. of hope?
    Nubby A Vegner:  what?
    Emperor MAR:  that means no, if you don't understand that means no
    Nubby A Vegner:  ah, sorry i missed the secret handshake
    Emperor MAR:  we must never touch!
    Nubby A Vegner:  we never will
    Emperor MAR:  good let's shake on it.. whoops! Noooooooooooooooooooooo
  3. Nubby A Vegner:  i'm gonna not assume ANYHTING about Radiohead's future
    Emperor MAR:  i am & that is that they'll be reincarnated as bees.. before they die!
    Nubby A Vegner:  so they'll be bees and musicians at the same time. what says they're not already bees? what says johnny isn't every bee on earth?
    Emperor MAR:  this here text says it"RADIOHEAD are not bees yet"this here text also says"jonny isn't every bee on earth"b/c if he were bees would rock! and sometimes roll
    Nubby A Vegner:  yes and occasionally sting things
Snow White
  1. Emperor MAR:  choose a prize
    Snow White:  umm a million dollars
    Emperor MAR:  hmm I can't even get that much in fake monopoly money
  2. Emperor MAR:  you must be trying to ditch me as a friend
    Snow White:  huh?
    Emperor MAR:  exactly. you act like you don't understand so that you can't be accused
    Snow White:  hmm, ok
    Emperor MAR:  just as I thought, see now you agree with me so that i won't be mad at you. how crafty
    Snow White:  hmm
    Emperor MAR:  hmm
  1. Emperor MAR:  how are you today? still human?
    Orlie:  yah, basiclly
  2. Orlie:  I love taking pics
    Emperor MAR:  you theif!
  3. Orlie:  your real immature ya know?
    Emperor MAR:  i'm too immature to realize it
Chicks Luv Guys
  1. chicksluvguys:  u live in tennessee right?
    Emperor MAR:  Yes, but I'm not dead.. or in a cave
  2. chicksluvguys:  r u being sarcastic or serious
    Emperor MAR:  sarserious
  3. Emperor MAR:  why do you not know?
    chicksluvguys:  i dunno
Tennis Check
  1. Tennis Check:  how are you?
    Emperor MAR:  less than moderate
    Tennis Check:  i'm sorry, why is that?
    Emperor MAR:  slight headache+some noise, yet for some reason I still choose to rock out
    Tennis Check:  rock is infectious
    Emperor MAR:  (did you see this coming?) so that's why I'm sick. infectious rock made me sick
  2. Tennis Check:  ahhhh i see
    Emperor MAR:  that's some relief you've got. you want me to join 4H or something? (yes I'm pitiful)
Falling 4 Jesus
  1. Falling 4 Jesus:  im bored cheer me up
    Emperor MAR:  boredom is sadness?
    Falling 4 Jesus:  lol i agree
    Emperor MAR:  you can't agree with a question
  2. Falling 4 Jesus:  who is your fav singer
    Emperor MAR:  Glen Phillips or Thom Yorke that is a tough call so I won't dial
  3. Falling 4 Jesus:  hey can i add you
    Emperor MAR:  me plus what? I'm usually available to cure boredom or create more of it
  4. Falling 4 Jesus:  so what r u doin
    Emperor MAR:  looking at the computer screen
  5. Falling 4 Jesus:  so what do you like to do for fun
    Emperor MAR:  anything but have fun
  6. Falling 4 Jesus:  you talk diferent
    Emperor MAR:  i shawl dew
    Falling 4 Jesus:  oooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk
    Emperor MAR:  keys got stuck?
  7. Falling 4 Jesus:  so are you in a longstanding realtionship
    Emperor MAR:  no, it sits.
  8. Falling 4 Jesus:  you are really funny you know
    Emperor MAR:  why would you say that? BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH THAT'S WHY!
  9. Falling 4 Jesus:  hey you got a cam
    Emperor MAR:  how did you know?
  10. Emperor MAR:  are you in a longstanding realtionship?
    Falling 4 Jesus:  oh pretty well, no one at the moment
    Emperor MAR:  what does pretty well mean?
    Falling 4 Jesus:   i do good in them
    Emperor MAR:  good enough so you don't have one now (ooh in your face!)
  11. Falling 4 Jesus:  your welcome anytime
    Emperor MAR:  welcome me now! you said anytime..
    Falling 4 Jesus:  your welcome
    Emperor MAR:  do it again
    Falling 4 Jesus:  your welcome anytime even now
    Emperor MAR:  wow if only I knew what it meant... do it now!
    Falling 4 Jesus:  your welcome
    Emperor MAR:  welcome where?
  12. Falling 4 Jesus:  how are you?
    Emperor MAR:  personally I'm good but that's just me
  13. Falling 4 Jesus:  wait a minute hold the phone, hello, aRE you holding the phone
    Emperor MAR:  no, but I will now.. ok I've stopped holding it
  14. Falling 4 Jesus:  is that correct though
    Emperor MAR:  yes you spelled 'that' correctly
  1. Emperor MAR:  oh well that is good as are other things
    CE:  Most things are good if you look hard enough.
    Emperor MAR:  Even bad?
    CE:  Depends on your beliefs
    Emperor MAR:  Indeed
  2. Emperor MAR:  & if I don't deem your advice about this the right choice?
    CE:  Ignore it.
    Emperor MAR:  ignore what?
Loner Who Lifts
  1. lonerwholifts:  greetings!
    Emperor MAR:  calm down
  2. lonerwholifts:  eh..?
    Emperor MAR:  I guess you have to know to know what I'm talking about
  3. lonerwholifts:  bench press?
    Emperor MAR:  I'm a Christian but I prefer for benches to press me without movement (sit)
  4. lonerwholifts:  i was jsut asking if u read any of him
    Emperor MAR:  no, I don't read palms. forgive my idiocy
  5. lonerwholifts:  read any books?
    Emperor MAR:  I drink books, no read for me
    lonerwholifts:  philosophy?
    Emperor MAR:  Yeah Phil is cool
  1. Erica:  so what do u look like?
    Emperor MAR:  A Man
    Erica:  lol very funny
    Emperor MAR:  I am a large bearded fellow with much hair. The mirror doesn't even want to look at me :(
  2. Emperor MAR:  what an insult! if I had my dueling glove..
    GG:  I didn't mean it as an insult!
    Emperor MAR:  I'd slap myself, that would be some duel, just like that Jet Li movie when he fights himself
  3. Fallon:  so whats up??
    Emperor MAR:  i don't know. why does everyone ask me that? i'd be insulted if i had a broken neck
  4. Emperor MAR:  what are we going to talk about?
    Bob:  idk it's wat ever u want to, well keep it clean
    Emperor MAR:  How often do you wash... your car?
  5. Aren:  tell me something abt ur hobbies
    Emperor MAR:  i like to hob & like the letter b
  6. Emperor MAR:  your interest intrigues me
    Unicorn:  actually I'm not interested
    Emperor MAR:  that intrigues me
  7. Maego Lego:  I'm the best at picking out gifts
    Emperor MAR:  was there a competition so you would know this to be true?
  8. Steven:  ah blast. i think lori's phone just died
    Emperor MAR:  that will be a strange funeral..
Emperor MAR &  Egg/Muzzz
  1. Egg/Muzzz:  You will, when it is acquired
    Emperor MAR:  as fire or water?
    Egg/Muzzz:  Water
    Emperor MAR:  so it can run away?
    Egg/Muzzz:  If it's flowing downhill
    Emperor MAR:  no stream?
    Egg/Muzzz:  Pond
    Emperor MAR:  a pond on a hill
    Egg/Muzzz:  A depressed hill But it's a happy pond
    Emperor MAR:  happy by comparison only
    Egg/Muzzz:  Given
  2. Emperor MAR:  & if I can find a good pen I'll throw in an auto-graphed mini photo of (The Joe)! & if you are really itching for a deal I'll add in a sample of my own blood & a hair for potential cloning of me. ok no blood & hair. I have too many clones already (because people may or may not copy me)
    Egg/Muzzz:  I know I don't (Gahyuk) (Wika wika)
  3. Egg/Muzzz:  No such thing as free lunch
    Emperor MAR:  yeah close enough but it could be of no charge
    Egg/Muzzz:  I suppose
    Emperor MAR:  no criminal charge at least
    Egg/Muzzz:  Well, I don't know about that. What if you run away from a restaurant and they catch you?
    Emperor MAR:  not always
    Egg/Muzzz:  Maybe. MAYBE. Meibi. 
  4. Emperor MAR:  when on Wed will you arrive?
    Egg/Muzzz:  I'm not sure, probably around 3
    Emperor MAR:  Pee EM?
    Egg/Muzzz:  No. PIE Emm.
    Emperor MAR:  yes pie does taste better than pee
    Egg/Muzzz:  Quite
  5. Emperor MAR:  i'd laugh but you are such a wuss It isn't funny.. it's hilarious as in crazy how much you are
    Egg/Muzzz:  Oh, yeah?'re hispanic. Yeah. I went there.
    Emperor MAR:  now the place for you to go is out we are done here sir farewell
  6. Emperor MAR:  i'm not in a rush but I'm in a hurry. i fear the storm
    Egg/Muzzz:  A hurry is not near as good as a Rush Because Megaman had a Rush
    Emperor MAR:  but... (say appropriate name here) had a hurry
    Egg/Muzzz:  Ah... (say appropriate name here) DID have a hurry... 
  7. Emperor MAR:  that is all for now but if you ever have trouble pronouncing Piemerica or remembering the numbers 1-10 I can help you.
    Egg/Muzzz:  Oh, okay! I have trouble with those things all the time!
Emperor MAR &  Joenan
  1. Joenan:  ::Joenan thinks to that (The Joe) is so lazy::
    Emperor MAR:  yeah lazy enough to.... not.. finish this.. sen..t...en...c...e..... wow i made it!
  2. Joenan:  if you and i could each get the 15 then maybe we can ride with muzz on his gas
    Emperor MAR:  that sounds clepto rific
    Joenan:  can u get 15
    Emperor MAR:  possibly, if I go mugging (selling mugs)
  3. Joenan:  Are you alright?
    Emperor MAR:  Man I got hurt..
    Joenan:  Really?
    Emperor MAR:  Emotionally that you would do that.
    Emperor MAR:  My camera almost fell out of my pocket some.
    Joenan:  Some?
    Emperor MAR:  It went out a little bit, that's no good.
  4. Emperor MAR:  Do you fear death?
    Joenan:  NEVER i not fear death

Assembled & Organized October 16, 2007 & February 22, 2008
All conversations by those above 2005
Laslo PanafleX #1, Black Rose #1, Loner Who Lifts, Falling 4 Jesus,  & Various Non-Piemericans #1 & #2 from 2004
Joenan #2 from Golfulating IV
Released for Piemerica's 10th Anniversary

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