Enornal Fornitudes

Fornitude Name
Enornal Fornitude 13
Enornal ForniTWOde 13
10/15/00 3
Enornal ForniThreed 13
Foreign Fornitude 20
Enornal FouRnitude 22
12/18/01 5
Fifthornal Fornitude 20
3/5/02 6
Enornal Four+twode 14
2/28/04 7
Seventh Fornitude 13
5/22/04 8
Eighthornal Fornitude 14
7/17/04 9
Enornal ForNINEtude 29
10/3/04 10
Enornal ForniTeN 13
10/31/04 11
Eleventh Fornitude 12
10/31/04 S2
Piemerican Fornitude 22
2/9/05 12
Enornal ForniTwelve 20
2/23/05 S3
Front Page Fornitude 18
2/23/05 S4
Enornal Plugitude 27
5/23/05 13
Enornal Thirteenitude 30
Enornal Journalnatude 13
Fornitude Fourteenth 37
Enornal Fifteenitude 17
Audio Fornitude
Enornal Sixteenitude 21
Enornal Seventeenitude 22
Eighteenal Fornitude 28
10/21/06 19 Enornal Fornineteen 14
10/28/06 S7 Conversatude 24
2/11/07 20 The Twentieth Fornitude 21
5/23/07 21 Enornal Twenty-Firstitude 18
8/15/07 22 Forni-Twentytude 17
2/22/08 23 Enornal Twenty-Threed 74
2/24/08 S8 Chatitude 95
10/8/08 24 Enornal Twenty-Fournitude 18
1/3/09 25 The Twenty-Fifthornaltude 15
The Twenornal-Sixatude 18
Enornal Twenty-Sevenitude 20
The Twenty-Eighthornaltude 28
The Twenty-Fornineitude 22
Enornal Thirtitude 38
31 Enornal Thirti-1 17
Enornal Thirtitood
Chati2de 23
Enornal Thirtithreed 33
Enornal Thirtiford 44

Main Fornitudes
Special Fornitudes
1. Enornal Fornitude 13. Enornal Thirteenitude 24. Enornal Twenty-Fournitude S1. Foreign Fornitude
2. Enornal ForniTWOde 14. Fornitude Fourteenth 25. The Twenty-Fifthornaltude S2. Piemerican Fornitude
3. Enornal ForniThreed 15. Enornal Fifteenitude 26. The Twenornal-Sixatude S3. Front Page Fornitude
4. Enornal FouRnitude 16. Enornal Sixteenitude 27. Enornal Twenty-Sevenitude S4. Enornal Plugitude
5. Fifthornal Fornitude 17. Enornal Seventeenitude 28. The Twenty-Eighthornaltude S5. Enornal Journalnatude
6. Enornal Four+twode 18. Eighteenal Fornitude 29. The Twenty-Fornineitude S6. Audio Fornitude
7. Seventh Fornitude 19. Enornal Fornineteen 30. Enornal Thirtitude S7. Conversatude
8. Eighthornal Fornitude 20. The Twentieth Fornitude 31. Enornal Thirti-1
S8. Chatitude
9. Enornal ForNINEtude 21. Enornal Twenty-Firstitude 32. Enornal Thirtitood S9. Chati2de
10. Enornal ForniTeN 22. Forni-Twentytude 33. Enornal Thirtithreed Enornal Fornitude Papers
11. Eleventh Fornitude 22. Forni-Twentytude 34. Enornal Thirtiford
12. Enornal ForniTwelve 23. Enornal Twenty-Threed

The History of the Enornal Fornitudes.

In 9th grade(1999-2000)I began to collect a lot of catch phrases. I now had the ability to create my own catch phrases. I had been tinkering around with the words Enornal Fornitude-meaning myself,what I am,what I say. I decided to make a collection of these catch phrases but alas I did not have enough catch phrases. So I found some quotes that I had been enjoying&added them to what I called My Enornal Fornitude later I took My out of it&changed #8&edited #12.

Not long after the 1st I had cluttered up another bunch of catch phrases. So I decided to make another one known as the Enornal ForniTWOde. It remains to be the most obscure&longest Fornitude because of its poor timing. Being burdened by something or other I was unable to finish it for a long time.

I began writing something I originally titled For my own benefits altogether at once. I liked it so much I decided to make it the Enornal ForniTHREEd &added a PanafleX quote keeping in fashion with the others&using a quote at some point. Since I wrote it all at once it was finished before the Enornal ForniTWOde which made me rush it&it was never truly in the lime-light as the others were.

Me making stupid quotes and all inspired others to do so as well not in competition but for fun&other unknown reasons to me[because I'm not them]. So eventually Piemerica decided to take these quotes given to us&make The Foreign Fornitude we had to use some of our own quotes in the end but it turned out good. The Foreign Fornitude became the longest Fornitude in number.

With all these Fornitudes it's easy to see how some things could be over looked noticing that we set off on finding the more obscure or short lived quotes to make The Enornal FOURnitude. This definitely had some favorites especially since it got back to the original format of the Fornitudes. Including Freezer Freezer Problem which used decimals.

Once again I put something together[I being(The Joe)Legend now]all at once,for the most part. This is the most thought out&complicated Fornitude. Being the official Fornitude of equal non-equal neutral. The titles played a bigger part in this one than in all the others. The titles intertwine with this Fornitude making it more puzzle like. But with all that there are still some famed quotes in this one.

Now after a long delay for some reason there is a Enornal Four+twode. Containing varied quotes including the very old food quote. The Seventh Fornitude was assembled in 2004 to contain all the catch phrases which I came up with in 2003. I noticed I had enough new quotes to make another fornitude so I made Eighthornal Fornitude&as always I put in some old quotes which had been somehow left out over the years.

The Enornal ForNINEtude was a huge collection of the best&worst things by me in 2004 & many more classics. The Enornal ForniTeN was made when I realized that I had some quite good lines I often used which is what Fornitudes are all about,my catch phrases. It contains all new material except the last one which is another still used classic.

I finally decided to assemble the Piemerican Fornitude figuring since no one talks to me anymore I'm not going to get any new quotes. On the same day the Eleventh Fornitude was made from a piling of phrase just made in days&some other hanging around.

The Enornal ForniTwelve was assembled Feb. 9,2005 after having a good number of non Fornitude quotes building up. The same day work began on the compendium Front Page Fornitude which gathers quotes which were good enough to use on the site's entrance page. On Feb. 23,2005 the Front Page Fornitude was finished&so was another special fornitude known as Enornal Plugitude.

Enornal Thirteenitude was one which was waiting around for months&was a big one due to the Enornal Fornitude symbol looking like a 13. It had quotes piled up during the time that Piemerica was offline.Enornal Journalnatude came to be after Emperor MAR read through all his journals&found some wonderful quotes.Fornitude Fourteenth mainly came from a slew of conversational quotes but also many old favorites which were finally recognized. While assembling Enornal Fifteenitude it was realized that there were many great audio clips which Emperor MAR has recorded in past months so the Audio Fornitude was also assembled. After that non-lesson jokes continued to be collected & some converstaional/chat based fornintudes were also created.

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