An Authentic Story.
Me & Frank went out of after going in them. We crashed upwards through the ceiling. We used a catapult with red wheels to bury things in the air because gravity was different for 6 hours on the weekend where we lived.  The dog leash was invented in our town to keep the dogs from floating away. During harvest time we'd soak the ground just before so the gravity would pull all of the vegetables out of the ground for us & we'd catch them on the way up.

People with long hair would tickle the feet of those living above them because the 2nd story floors were always made of grates. The well off people would live on the 2nd floor so they wouldn't have to clean up their spills. Everything would just spill through the floor to the poor people below. They had water balloon fights every Halloween so anyone on the 1st floor dressed as witches would melt.

We stopped writing letters to one another because whatever we misspelled would come true. I had a hand sandwich once because of this. Another time I had a handle sandwich but only because I wanted it to become true. For everyone else but me & Frank it had to be a mistake instead. We were the ones the strawberries feared & we didn't even have a blender.

One weekend the gravity stopped changing.. back. It was very easy to move out of town but very hard to move into another town. We coined the slang term "heavy" in our van but we were only referring to things of normal weight. I hated weekend gravity. It was so hard to relax. There was a secret in this new town going around that only I could be kept from secrets. They were right. A flood of shadows promulgated hope to us but I wasn't sure if I'd be 5 times stronger if my life was 5 times harder. There was so much left to say to farmer oGnelt but none of it was coherent. I could say a lot to a lot of people & none of it would mean anything to them.

Now there aren't any more people around who know the thrill of floating glass. I tried to go back Home, but they held my arms while I held my head & Home held my heart. But then... fish fell.. on the wall. Home came to me, and then, everyone else floated away as I floated in the glass.

This was a True Story, An Authentic Story.

Me & Frank, we were best friends until the end.. but the end came before we ever met.

Written July 5, 2013