Toppled Siphon Blower ( A World with Dinosaurs)
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   I was polishing me ole shoes as usual. I polish me shoes so much,  I'd just as well polish the bones in my foot. I started thinking "What would life be like with dinosaurs?" Then I started thinking about sno-cones. I mean they're not snow & they're not in a cone. Then my B battery
(second rate) said to me "You idiot they are snow.. in a cone." Well I was just shocked. My battery talking to me like that. It just wasn't right.
   I tried hard to remember what I was thinking about earlier. "Was it ribbons?" I thought. "or scallops, turf drones, or scissor," well not scissor but scasser. Then I looked at the title of what I was writing & thought "Toppled Siphon Blower? What was that!" as the car did upside down push ups (pull downs) in my driveway. Then something said to me "Read the rest of the title" in a wispy voice. At first I thought it was my mind. Then I thought it was my mouth. Were they in this together?
   I looked across the park, as my eyesight was very good. I thought to myself "hmm.." Then it hit me! That dinosaur I stole from the museum & suddenly, after I gained consciousness
(for the first time) I realized 'Dinosaurs are what I was thinking about.' O What a glorious moment in my life! Lying under a huge dino's rib struggling to breathe, I didn't forget I remembered! The biggest trouble was.. trying to dig my way out.  
   Noticing I can't dig my way through concrete, I figured I'd keep digging as there was nothing else to do. Maybe, just maybe & only maybe, someone on the other side of the world would hear me & dig me out from the other side. But it was no use dreaming, so I woke up.


2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by (The Joe) Legend