Five Stories at the End of the Year

Emperor MAR
  • Three dogs sittin on post, one said move over one dog said move under. I can't see over one dog said get your own post the Last dog said why are we sitting on a post He replied, because we want to watch the moon come up over the horizon till morning I could sit here All night. You'll have to if you want to watch the moon come up. "No! I don't want to watch the moon! I don't like you." This made him very sad to hear. He loved her yet she didn't love him. Fire broke and caught fire the couch and the cat died the frog jumped over the moon spanky caught a squirrel becky ran away to the cookie jar store. The store was two blocks away. She was eager and hungry, but she saw Santa in the sky- going across the moon. so I grabbed it & looked at it carefully to see If It was hoT. It was so Hot (How hot was it)? So hot that no one could hold it for more than 3 seconds or so proving the theory that 2 men and a baby is ridiculous. How can 3 men have a baby. I think the theory is out of the realm of the world and in some outer zone their is peace. All the animals went to this outer zone and lived peacefully ever after.
  • On a night of rain a car was passing by a car. The car of this night had far to go. So far the car was so far away from where it did begin. The car roared loud until it was quiet and the motor dropped! It was an Essex the color was red burgundy red. It was a new car. It must have been in 1930. We drove Past the bank & I held the gun out the window & fired at the Big window. There was glass all over and People were running & screaming at the top of their lungs. It was so funny that we sat there and ignored their vocal noisings. I laughed & laughed until my lungs hurt. After I returned from the Hospital I turned to Mabel and said "Hey Mabel I just got out of the surgery today and they left something in there. Because I feel some heaviness deep inside. I sure hate to go through all of that again. It's too Painful. My finger gets stuck in my ear Big dogs don't sleep on the porch they go potty in the yard Little dogs are too big to bark. However, they can sing along. Singing is better than barking. So we need to sing and be Happy. This new Year we will be Joyful, and full of fun. We will all be blessed and pray for peace on Earth.
  • Once upon a time there was a boy who didn't trust his sister so he never told Her any thing that He didn't want Her to blabber around the neighborhood. She though He didn't like her but that wasn't the case. Really He was in love with the old maid. Little did he know that she would be bite by a dog and sent to the ER on her back. A cat ran into the yard of snow then slipped. The cat went to the ER on it's back. People were mad that there were no more veterinarian clinics for injured cats and butterflies are a waste of time since people need help a lot more than animals and butterflys & besides that, there just isn't enough time in a day for us To realize the importance of a kiss. You know that unless the kiss is good nothing else is good. So you might as well practice kissing until you get it right you can't do it any more! I've told you time and time again the cheese goes in the mouse trap, not your mouth. Don't eat cheese for 2 weeks and I'll let you gain weight until you get thin. I sure was confused about how to parent Billy especially since Billy wasn't her name. I rode my tractor into the barn and fell asleep at the wheel.
  • There once was a duck. He ate a lot of duck food. He got so sick that he thought he would die. His wife told him to lay down before he went to sleep. He would not comply and decided that he would sleep standing up. He feel over once he fell asleep. He fell over on to the bed over there he did. There were no pillows so santa said no more Christmas randolf the redneck rain deer was late the elves got lost and never made it some body stole the sleigh. The sleight was found on the pond. The gold fish jumped. The dog barked! Then he pulled the sleigh out of the pond! This is frightening. But don't be afraid whatever comes out of that pond will grow and become even more dangerous but the hero didn't care about danger. His mind was made up and he was going in. He place the ladder against the burning house and started up a second jukebox. Oh boy things sure did get confusing. There were gangstas and hillbillies all over the streets in their cars respectively and neighborhoods the like. One more and the whole world would fall on their knees and worship the beast. But those who love the Lord will endure 4 ever & ever. Thanks to the Lord for he is good.
  • There was this sweet adorable pooch that lived in a castle in Germany. His little mistress was twelve years old and had many gifts To give People on holidays, but he wanted To keep some of them To play with by Himself. That was Very selfish of him since he had been given so long to live in his present condition. He was so tired of being ill, But was glad the doctor said he'd live a lot long now than he thought he would give the boss the nod. Now you know what the nod means. So now everyone is in trouble. Don't go there unless you really believe it it won't happen. So they all decided that they believed that the monkey could turn into a human. They waited and waited and it never was remembered in their minds. So they all went out dancing but very slow dancing. They were normal dances but with incredibly slow motion. They danced all night until morning. Then they were having so much fun - since it was new years eve. anyway. But no one got drunk, cause they were all Christians and loved the Lord. But some dogs don't go to heaven like the movies say's No cats go to heaven see ya there
  • One day a dog was pushing a baby buggy down the sidewalk. A car passed by and a lady yelled, "that's my baby you are pushing. "Well if she's your baby then take her and get out of here. I will make my own baby." So, he went out angry, saying to himself "I will mate with the first. The first was tall and the last was small! That is the way it was when we marched in the Air Force. The marching we sang "The biscuits in the Air Force trained for 3 months. They were soon ready for battle. The bombs were ready. They knew who their enemy was and they were prepared to die So prepared that they had all bought dapper suits, gravestones, and taken out bank loans. They visited the cemetery and placed the wax dummies in the ground. They loved the results that they achieved when placing them in the ground. The vaults are used but the last occupants have left the premises. They will share and don't mind, if dogs are in the house, but no cats Jail ministry don't make no money all you get is lint and buttons, and gold teeth but Shirly likes the fairy's She meant theory. Did she not? However Hugh said ferry. We can all say Happy New Year and Have a merry merry Joyful Peaceful Year.
2005 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR, Lori, Rose, Hugh & Shirley Elgin, Richard & Becky Cotton
December 31, 2005
These come from a game suggest by Lori at a New Year's Eve party which was held December 31, 2005