No Reception Hall
Beans in the Bucket

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   One Time I wanted to be a clown so I went over to the old shoe shop & ordered a pair of hamburgers. Failing that, the shoe salesman told me that the food court was on the 2nd floor. Once I got the hamburgers I decided I was going to fix me up some kooky soup.
   After I was thrown out of the fountain people started to fall down behind me. They sure fell funny too, sometimes they even slid. I decided I was gonna go to the shoe store because I wanted to be a clown too???

   I went up to the hamburger place & ordered me a pair of clown shoes. The nice lady there told me the shoe store was on the 1st floor. On my perilous climb up to the 1st floor was no picnic, except when I took that break & those ants carried me to their secret underground lair where I found that ants secretly control the world.
   Back to the important part. I thought about how tall clown high heel shoes must be. I headed over to the DiscoTec but I found out It had been closed a good 20 years.

   Finally I decided I was just going to put on some makeup & a dress.. eruh.. Clown Dress. I rolled on over to the Clown Supply Warehouse because these hooligans put me in a trash can. I was finally there. I dug up some great prices out at the dumpster. I went home that day with a big smile on my face. Clown makeup makes me look happy whether I like it or not. On the inside I was crying.. tears of joy! & pain.. because I sat on an old pin tailed muffin.


2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by (The Joe) Legend