Describe the adult you hope to become when you grow older.

I don't want to warm an igloo up with BBQ sauce. How can you grow older it's like toast in the oven, we know the toaster is quicker. The media will try to program me to believe in corporate scandals. *Enron & such were just made up by them* to have fuel for their comedy shows. The shows already had the jokes but they needed a faceless company to take the fall. When I get young I want to be a crazy old man on a porch with a cane instead of a crazy young man on the porch with a widdled stick. Adults are like catapults, oranges. But don't take my word for it because that would be theft. Half my arm is on a farm, sour sour. Half my arm is not on a farm the other half. I'd like to walk if I could. What would happen when leafs turn to reefs.

*this help has been given by the guy that sits to the right of me.