Piemerica Reluctantly Presents:


Maps to my home, leave me alone! Parallax scrolling up & sound. People standing on the street yelling at gravy. Marison so blique nodding is essential. Bobbing up with down on the marketway. Laugh if you like. Fight if you blight. Mobilizing a stair-case what dumb idea. Logs don't sack of yo mammma. Ture it won't be sew bag. Knock-off imitations, the real thing. Teironter may be because a jumpble socket ball is flight loop seen Moph rag collectibles. Sear no cobble crapper. J'know. Curtain laxative. The mouse is a house. On the ramp. Stare at...., urdobeno. Ack mein toober bunny. It's so cold I sold my jacket. Verosheroma knock'n 'em owt. Laig. Box spelled back wards is cckombvxx2k. Jurn Max is so livid he givid the he slivid. Grone. Basket lined twice purple Moon trachea broough dewn bye the man. Chu khu ee oo curp kr(n)umbled (echo) eeo eeo eeo.



Tue., 1/22/2002 P-I-E

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