Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day

Story telling drainpipes tell me this, "Once upon a broken ting or somewhere in the lateral peace. Came a faded paint ripe with its fishings. Ford in hand & WAR albums on leg. Met a solid wall with no paint at all. The wall said to it "Could you help me out, all I have is badger shavings in my mouth. Once I was a slick maid indeed but no one seems to bother me. When I lost my paint I lost my will." "What a terrible thing happen to a still." said the faded paint against its will. "Maybe I should help you I'm not ashamed." The bricks of the building all applauded & sang, "We war fat buns that's who a blend new Concord. We will strap more laceless frog all or more. Eat my glass board on the inside #3rd floor. You've brought hope to these ole bricks & building with maggot covered floors." Then paint said look out with a rumbling shout "someone is rigging those maggot boards!" "Demonishliers!" yelled the bricks & then crumbled down forever more. Then the mailbox across the street said, "Its only 11 more days till Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day. So lets all join in the fun. On November 13th this year. It's a terrible thing when this happens to a building. I know I've illegally read so many mail about this so, Woo he he ha ha hey hey Major Antigovernment Conspiracy Day. Sleep well tonight paint for the 13th we'll get our revenge the conspiracy way.


Excerpted from Equal Non-Equal Neutral Verse 7
Thur. 11/2/00