Major Mayer

This brings me to another story. I was born in 1867. I spent my days in Splangy Town as a computer harvester. Had a problem with the government one day. I asked where is city hall. They said to me it's not around here it's 5,000 miles east. So I packed up all my things, I headed out.
When I got to that old cave filled with bats. I said to the receptionist simply replied “The mayor will see you now.” I looked at the major, he was just a skeleton in a chair. I thought “They got a quite freaky major.”
I took out my potato & shoved it in his mouth saying “Eat major! Eat major!” His head snapped off so I guess I tried too hard.
I went back to the town, it only took 16 more years. They said “You killed the major, now you must suffer punishment. Now you are the major!”
By the time I got there it was 1956. I was 89 years old. I picked up the old maggot ridden potato & ate. I died June 9, 1956.

Excerpted from Equal Non-Equal Neutral Verse 7
Wed. 11/8/00

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