My Dog

My dog likes to yell at trees.
He also asks to play on the roof a lot.
My dog warns me when a wolf is coming which is surprisingly often.
I feel sorry for my dog because he has a rough outlook on life.
My dog stutters when he gets mad.
When the moon is out he seems to be in pain.
His least favorite letter is R because he yells it if I kick him too hard.
My dog doesn't have a job so I let him stay outback in my otherwise useless house.
My dog comes from a strange family, he's got four paws.
My dog's bark is bigger than his bite because my neighbors never hear him bite.
My dog loves to taste air.
My dog chases his tail. He's never caught it but one time it caught him.
My dad told me that my dog was bread so I don't let my dog eat bread, that would be wrong.
My dog drools a lot so I think he is a sleepwalker.
2007 Piemerica-Incorperated-EternallyWritten by Emperor MAR
June 8, 2007