My Favorite Tree

I'm not quite sure if this is my favorite tree but it is undoubtedly
my most memorable. This tree,
which included in my one acre, stood in front of out living area.
What makes this tree remarkable is 
that it had been struck by lightning three times. The tree is old
& dead, as it should be after all that
light blasting as if there were a secret metal transmitter hidden
there for an unknown purpose (to you
all) but I must cease (before I am found out), & the tree is covered
with vines to make it appear to be
alive again. The tree is just behind a bottomless hole too small to
be a pit also covered in vines. I am
not sure if this tree is still there for some trees have been cleared

This tree I did not climb or barely dare to go near it for every
time it touched the sky it seemed
the sky would shear it. The tree was hollow as the world is today.
Great was this tree for it would not
fall. The most ruthless weather would have no effect at all. The tree
reminds me of how when one is
speaking I should lend my ear. It reminds me of how the body may die
but the spirit can never
disappear. For this tree I do not have love but instead the highest
respect. Living or dead it stands
erect. It shows how a man can meet his demise yet his impact too great
to be felt after he dies.

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