My One Acre

As I recall I used to live in Tennessee. I used to and I still
do. I lived in a different place then.
I used to live next to my grandparents from 1988-1994. The place where
I lived & them also is my
one acre. My one acre was owned by my great grandparents long ago.
It had sheds & things from
when they were around. My grandparents lived next to me just through
a couple of pine trees.
This is my one acre because I spent much of my time as a kid there.

There is a large forested area behind where I lived which is
included in the one acre. We had a
steep hill with some cliffs that some old things have been thrown
down. I adventured in these areas.
When I say adventure I'm not talking about selling bottles of socket
poil oil either, I'm talking about
adventuring. There was a large piece of ground protruding out with
muddy sides & a place to walk
upon top. I would walk through these woods with my siblings or normally
by myself.

The forested area is not all I enjoyed I also enjoyed the gigantic
tree sized monsters
that ravaged
the land every spring. We didn't dare buy slinkies. Those monsters
would wait until it got dark to go to
sleep & until light to wake up. These monsters would look at me funny
& I at them funny but neither
of us laughed. We just took the pot of gold (soup) to the old leprechaun
till he stopped jigging about
how the peaches were growing on the trees. When I look back deeply
though I realize none of the tree
monster story happened but I sure wish it did because they would have
eaten all our food, & knocked
down all our shade trees, & beat us up, &.. ok I don't wish it happened.
My one acre was good just the
way it was.

My grandparents land is great there are all kinds of trees &
they have a garden & a couple of nice
porches. There is so much shade from the trees that the grass is dying
out below. They have swings all
around their house, one under a tree. Every time I go there I must
take a walk around the place just to
catch up on old times.

My one acre means a great deal to me because it shaped my life
into what it was a few years back
seeing as how I do not like staying the same. Now in closing like
a box with no lox I say 

" Always to your one acre be true because if not for that one acre
you would not be you."

.laced tailed monkey in a soup bowl extraction frenzy.