Prankster's Ace

   Well it all started when you put those fish in my water bed. Then I got you back by sending your car to Vietnam but you didn't have to pose as a fake doctor & inject leprosy in my left eye. What about that time when you bolted me to the ground & tied my underwear to a leaving shuttle just because I soaked your mother in gasoline, put a steel helmet on her, tied her to the back of my car & drove 600 miles hoping she would catch on fire.
   It got me really mad when you dropped me off in the middle of nowhere & told me my toaster was down the hill. You came down the hill shalacked me & I fell & broke my spine.
   When I recovered & took your new born child & gave him to the NFL for punt practice you poisoned my welcome mat. Luckily I only lost half a leg so I was able to burn your house down that night.
   I was disappointed with you when you hired that hitman to only shoot me in the head pointblank 14 times. You said it was a dirty shame when I did the same.
   So you put the exploding powder in my soup that's nothing new. Although when I teleported you to the tiger feeding cage at the zoo that was original. Unlike you when you hired a helicopter to launch missiles at me on the street everyone was running around fire everywhere buildings burned to the ground with cars & all the bars under the stars then we all got ruled by Czars. It's been done.
   It was hilarious when we all went to the park & I put poison ants on your forks. I really missed you when you were dead even though it was fake. I leaned over the casket, you blew your gasket, & shoved a spike in my head!
It didn't bother me at all.
   But when you gave my sandwich to that starving Hobo that was the final straw. I took out my gun & busted caps in you all day long.
Prankster's Ace
2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
February 7 & April 17, 2000


Making the Story:
Originally a song titled Prankster's A. I decided that I'd never make the song so I've put it up as a story.