Glass makes sand hammers.

   My willow tasting oven belt waiting for a Sunday. Who's animal length was forging a melted pine cone/comb? I covered an onion pile with glue. Glue for a big galoot named Glary. Glary gummed his eggshell helmet for a cauterized month. Months were so popular that they appeared on every calendar, even daily calendars! I had a calendar one day but I don't know which one because that was the only day I had it. It was a word I used to vaguely describe words and other things such as objects in Glary minor detail.
   I caught a blotted batch of frosting with my heartfelt. My heart felt like a sponge under a basin of home. Home was a homonym for home. A puddle echoed into a portal of unrest. I rested in the best way I knew how. How I did you cannot know but when knowing is for showing you run without wearing out your shoes because your shoes run on with different feet. Feet of fire, fire to complete.
2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
March 19, 2009
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