The Story of Life

  Well one day you're born the next day you're one day old. But 23 years later you're out on the street eat'n a brick you found at City Hall. A while later you see a rich man go by in a Pinto & you think to yourself I wish my life was like that, so you get a job.
  The next thing you know you're riding a blue cow in the Sahara Desert. Just to deliver some Meow-Mix to a 4-legged war widow. You get there & find out this woman has been dead since 'ot 4.
  In life you got to give a little & take a little, But what no one told you is that you would be scraping a bat's vocal cords just to get 3 cents for the government. So you decide to marry a rich dame & when you do you don't get any money. 5 years later you got 21 kids, your wife, & you living in a box. On top of all that she is pregnant with octuplets & you want to get away so you pack the only food you got, take a skateboard from a punk kid, & get away far away. But your happiness blinds you & you ride that skateboard directly off a bridge.
  The next thing you know you wake up in a pile of plastic sealed index fingers. You walkaway only to find out it's your 29th birthday. You think to yourself "if life is this bad now what will it be like when I get older?" Walking across the street you see all of your now 29 kids & wife. Then you run as fast as you can & jump back off the bridge.
  Well after 16 years you wash up in Italy to then discover aliens have enslaved Earth & they have extremely fast growing toe nails. Then you're forced to trim them by biting them off. You were wondering what life would be like when you're older. You are now 45 & you wish you would of never survived. What can you do that's life.

2000 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
February 6, 2000


Making the Story:
Originally a song but I decided that I'd never make the song so I've put it up as a story.
This is somewhat of a bad tribute to "Weird" Al's Albuquerque & also has a little bit of The Glory Of Love mixed in.