Rewritten mystery quotes about pie etc..

5 years of Pie Inc. brings us to what was done at the beginning all those 5 years ago
rewriting quotes, historical events, etc. about the beloved food pie.
  • The vastness of nature can reveal how small our pies are, how fleeting our hunger & how limitless our taste buds.
  • The secret of  conservation:  Don't use more than you need (unless it is pie)
  • The best meals leave no trace on the plate & indelible marks on your blood sugar.
  • Be open to trying new pies; you never know which might be a perfect taste.
  • Pie has no border. You bake it somewhere, smell it anywhere, & eat it everywhere.
  • Time, trials, or triumphs:  share them with others, you'll likely share pie, so don't share!
  • One can eat alone, but two have each other to complain about.
  • Each passing year increases weight of those who have eaten pie the longest.
  • If you speak your mind clearly, you won't have to shout that you want pie.
  • Words can define tastes but only action can prove them (EAT PIE!).
  • The thrill of pie eating belongs to anyone with the courage to reach beyond the 300 lb. weight mark.
  • The story of your life consists of countless finished chapters & one blank page. You drank a book didn't you?
  • Hate your limits. They define your next great inability to finish a large pie.
  • Begin counting your fat cells, and you may discover they're numberless.
  • The greatest pie is impossible to keep or increase, but gains in weight the more it is eaten.

2003 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR & (The Joe) Legend

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