In Speech 1 Laslo PanafleX & I both turned in book work with incredibly stupid crap written all over it & the actual answers hidden on the paper & even more crap written on the back. The teacher gave us both zeros but the memories & laughs out live the grades. His & my papers inspired my D.G. Christmas Card & the Equal Non-Equal Neutral survey.
Hoop or Pick? comes from a talking between I & President Hoetrain.
This paper is the origin of the Sake Fork, which when I first thought of it I gasped.
Kansas City, Missouri is what Catastrosphere calls Omaha Nebraska.
Made December 6, 2000 (or so it would seem....)

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Banana Towels | House
rock drick garden for throwing sharks at fence broom piano legLalso PanafleX 12-'ot-?A bunch of crapdid the savage get a beating?I worked for the city in o'+4?2.1. I gives a basball bat to (The Joe)?3. 1+2= MWA??5. what?line line linedrink a book52+61=9430glenn suxbacon cox with A.I.D.S.diseeeeese Jelly!2  4  6  MWA??and so . . . . . .chair chair chairTim LeVallee 12-6-00 (or so it would seem.....  2BSteel mill412Real Answers1. to gain attention2. bunch of idiots= don't say big wordsthe whole world= something importantchildren- talk stupid (like them)3. they make them belive what the speaker wants.4. it pursuades people's opinions.Teaher's Grade:  05. we belive what we say to them.discussion(Not important/funny)
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only:  (The Joe)pike?Michael Reyes'ot 412shoe2 even flow!Miles the?or so it would seem....guest starring:  Tiny Joe w/ sumbraro & car w/ Leg & Arrowp412 DQ & ActsTeacher Grade:  0Which are The Real Answers?1. It is usedfull to bears.2. Immoble, respectable, & book drinkingImmoble- runrespectable- fan a swanbook drinking- cheer the man8I can't speak for the gorkle /pif'sAll the (beep beep) like a smidgetNo. 5Colliflower spoon sock local.1 or 97?A./ flowingB. ominous rusted you to,C. Who can furniture?D. sawt woo bond?E. clicked3 or (o-obA./ No wayB. They need to drink booksC. GoodD. No just drink booksglEnnI suckgogglesOnly drinking bookBasketball Hoop or Pick?Book DrinkBacon & egg go down. Leg come off. Fangs!~Laslo Panaflex #2Hello My Name is Punch me in the face(The Joe) is the best!!!!!  -Laslo PanafleXTug bloat... ...SockFlaskBookSulk?cynical wipersPortScoopsakecomputeNo admittanceYcrucial centipical help gullMaa...Kansas city, Missuri