The Official Piemerican Sports

  1. The Waxed floor belly skate
  2. Triple Fried Lard Filled Pie eating contest
  3. The Curly Spin (Absol. Best)
  4. Falling down on purpose
  5. B.B.B.P.*
  6. solicitation
  7. Sumo Bunji Jumping from an airplane
  8. Chair hitting Against head competitions
  9. Throwing Glass Bottles Against Trees
  10. Grenade Baseball
  11. Nuclear Warhead Football
  12. Extreme Golf (objective to hit opponent in the groin by hitting the golf ball.)*2
  13. Switch blade Basketball (play basketball with Wesley Snipes & keep switching places)
  14. Boxcar Packing
  15. Atom Racing

These sports are no longer official.

1999 & 2004 Piemerica-Incorperated-Eternally


Written by Emperor MAR
Sept. ??, 21, 25, 1999
Some sports conceived in 1998, Asterisks added in 2004
Daily UpdateBanana Towels

* Bottle Bashing in Bad Place (President Rod Zague Hoetrain's favorite.)

*2 This is a male only sport, just like all sports women have no place in it.

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Useless bonus crap!

In the event of a pineapple shotting reel in your mirror & I will spend the night during the day.
Blank use of storage in your mind. Mind you I mind about thoughts & seals & such.
Learn about your thoughts. Meet me behind the dumpster I need to throw some things away.
I can climb as high as you can until I get tired & passout from the over use of money when I shop.
I've got a whole back catalog of meaningless.
The proper use of our language is that when I fall you catch me & when you fall I run.. to catch you..r twinkie.
I saw Iceland on tv today                   & it saw me.
Wear your hat backwards it's the latest re-fad!
The moon is a crust of letters, I reside to room.
I commend you for your apparent honesty but I'll never really know.
You landed in my heart like a crisper of prone valice.
Stand up to the care.
Instead of Poetic I'm Noedit unless I make mistakes.
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Heroic Stage Plan

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when is the fortuen made to rivers?