Running Gags
Steam Puppets, Mr. T References,
Push Brooms, Crackers on Toast
Steam Puppets
Piemerican Magazine #1: Piemerican Magazine's Way too Late Guide to Summer- July
July 6. (The Joe) Returns! as a puppet of steam telling Piemericans to gain weight or get out. If you can fit through the door you haven't gained enough.

Piemerican Knews: Pie Eating On The Decline
(The Joe) informed Emperor MAR that a new shipment of pie had arrived at The Ultimate Tower of Destruction! (P-I-E HQ). Real Name then ordered the steam puppet guards to let him go.

Piemerican Knews: Presidential Scandal
The Piemerican Court System has ordered President (The Joe) Legend to trial on charge that he has been impersonating a steam puppet.

Piemerican Magazine #2: Health- Doctorb's Advice
President (The Joe) said "Do not worry about the unintentional poisoning of the pies" & teleported away. Later found out to be (The Joe)'s steam puppet spokesperson.

Piemerican Magazine #3: Test Your Love for Pie
19. Solicitors welcome or so it would seem..
      A. yes… that’s the one.
      B. Huh?
      C. I love pie!
      D. Steam Puppets welcome I know that

Piemerican Magazine #3: 2006's 'ot 6 Review
Steam Puppet & (The Joe)'s Steam Puppet appear as characters.

Piemerican Magazine #4: Last Issue..
Retroactively mentioned regarding their appearances in Piemerican Magazine #3.


Mr. T References
The Fine Art of Drinking Books By: Laslo PanafleX
"Mr. T Drinks Books too, so open the table & close the door on the lemon salesman."

Lesson from 2/1/01
Yelling at fish may make them flee but yelling at apples will make them fall off that tree. At least it worked for Mr. T.

Mission in Las Vegas

Piemerican Magazine’s Way too Late Guide to Summer July
July 14. Mr. T Visits Piemerica~ His favorite place on earth to hate being in.

Book Drinking Bonuses
Bonus Reason to Drink Books:  "Mr. T will pity you"

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life? Journal from 10/9/02
I think my most embarrassing moment was last year at the Night of One Acts when I had to say Mr. T was pretty I didn't like that.

Give 3 Reasons to stay in school Journal from 2/10/03
Thirdly Mr. T probably wouldn't like it & you know how the saying goes. I don't know if he's ever said this but I imagine he would "I pity the fool who quit the school."

Push Brooms
Top 3 from 4/24/01
Top 3 non-violent things to say to not start a conversion:
3. Hello I'm (The Joe).
2. You got weasels on your face.
1. I sure love to talk about push brooms.

Lesson from 10/23/02
If someone tells someone else to 'duck' & they go about talking about push brooms, back slowly out of the door or window.

Lesson from 5/18/05
Sharing is caring unless you share your opinion on push brooms.

Crackers on Toast
Enornal Fornitude from August 1999
It is nearly over when all that is left are dime lickers and envelope glue addicts. It is completely over when people begin to eat Crackers on TOAST!

Flashback Edition Lesson from 2/20/01
It is nearly over when All that is left are dime lickers & envelope glue addicts. It is completely over when people begin to eat crackers on TOAST!

Piemerican Magazine #1 (Page 4): In depth 'ot 6 review
Supervisor- That's it I'm shutting this 'ot 6 Review down. We'll run an article of barbed wire fish nets.
M.A.R.- Knot!!! crakers!!!! on!!!!! ToAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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