Analyzing Your Listening Skills

Give careful thought to your own listening habits as you write your responses.
  1. Evaluate yourself as a listener in situations with friends
    with my not so close friends I pose as a tyrant yelling at them & telling them to keep their mortal mouths shut. Therefore not listening. With close friend I am equal to talk & listen
    with parents

    I responsively listen to my parents. Ever so often I don't listen when in another room. Instead I go to them to hear better.
    with others
    If I actually are spoken to by others I listen to what they have to say if it is of any relevance to me.
  2. Describe a situation in which you felt someone wasn't listening to you.
    At lunch time when speaking to my not so close friends, they usually don't listen.
    What were you talking about?
    Some sort of innate babble.
    Why was the conversation important to you?
    It was not.
    Why do you think the other person wasn't listening?
    What I had to say to them was irrelevant & useless.
  3. Describe situations in which listening is difficult for you:
    When I have a headache I disenjoy listening because of the aching in my head. When I am in a loud filled area distractions are easy to lead me away. When I became tired listening is also difficult. Also with apathy.
  4. Describe situations in which attentive listening takes less effort for you:
    When an interesting subject is being spoken about. When the conversation is stupid or pointless I listen well. In a situation in which something useful is being spoken of descriptively & positively.
  5. Describe some listening skills that you think most good listeners practice:
    Although I do not do it, looking at the speaker seem good. Not interrupting the individual whom at the point in time you are listening to. Logically panning out the speaker's words to find sensibility, uses, & piece of mind. Giving full & undivided attention to what is being said. Having a good attitude that is prepared to listen. Having an open mind about it. Not think in about dumpsters (daydreaming). Having a certain respect for the speaker, the subject, & related things being spoken is very important.

? 1/29/01 P-I-E
An assignment (busywork most likely) in Speech 1. Blue is my response. My grade was 100.
These responses may not be true of me today.
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