The Legend of Vaseing Harvesters

(The Joe) attempted to create a new craze & he had the idea of Vaseing Harvesters. He told P.O.C. about this & the following occurred on paper. The details on what actually happened before paperized is primarily unknown. Swen of Foot Prod. (P.O.C.) & Piemerica ((The Joe)) had a copyright war about the conversation surrounding. Other ideas came up with along with Vaseing Harvesters were:  capeing doors, Elasticating Walking, & Tents Chingents. For some reason Vaseing harvesters became notable just as Drinking Books.

Because P.O.C.! Said SO! that's why!The Legend of Vaseing Harvesters

why what? [mute comb)

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February 12, 2001
Swen of Foot Productions & P-I-E