Find the Irony🔍
In all seriousness I'm kidding.

"I don't take naps. I find them to be a waste of my time." said the unemployed man.

It is not important to practice redundancy.
It is not important to practice redundancy.

I promise I wont swear.

I'm the most prideful man on earth.

I'm tired of being impatient!

Was that plan staged?

sorry to yell. SORRY!!!

lets start over.. Goodbye.


I thought I had no idea.


Remember that time you had amnesia?


I'm sure that I'm not sure.


Is it just me or am I the only one?
This is as close as I can get to far away.
Honestly, I'm a liar.


The first step towards walking is walking.


You only want what you can't have and have what you don't want.


I just remembered that I forgot something.


Turn right at the next left.
If you're going to leave that on turn it off.

All written by Emperor MAR
2004-2010 Piemerica