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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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Complete Live Recordings List 1991-1999
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1991-11-? Unknown
1991-12-? Jericho Tavern, Oxford, England
1992-5-13 Islington Powerhaus, London
1992-6-22 BBC Radio1, Evening Session, London, England (also known as 1992-6-13)
1992-9-19 Venue, Oxford, England
1992-11-18 Plymouth, England
1993-2-11 Signal Radio Session Cheshire, England (also known as 1993-9-2)
1993-2-18 Joiner's Arms Southampton, England
1993-2-23 Black Session, Paris, France
1993-3-14 Town & Country Club, London, England
1993-4-2 Tel Aviv, Israel
1993-5-3 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow Scotland
1993-5-5 Haarlem, Holland
1993-5-? On the Edge Radio Show (also known as  1995-10-28)
1993-6-3 Barbue, Copenhagen, Denmark
1993-6-4 Magasinet, Goteburg, Sweden
1993-6-5 Fagestra Festival, Goteburg, Sweden
1993-6-12 Beakestijnpop Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
1993-6-13 Rotterdam, Holland - Nighttown
1993-6-15 Ciné 3000, Nancy France
1993-6-20 Paris, France
1993-6-2? Arsenio Hall Show
1993-6-30 Metro, Chicago, IL
1993-7-0? Mtv Beach House
1993-7-11 San Francisco CA
1993-7-12 The Whisky, Hollywood, CA
1993-7-13 KROQ, Los Angeles, CA
1993-7-16 Soma San Diego, CA
1993-8-15 Markt Rock Festival Leuven, Belgium
1993-8-21  Waterpop Festival Wateringen, Netherlands
1993-8-28 The Venue Oxford, England
1993-9-3 Barrowlands Glasgow, Scotland
1993-9-? Top of the Pops
1993-9-23 Cameo Theatre Miami Beach, FL
1993-10-6 Lupos Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI
1993-10-15 Riviera Chicago, IL
1993-10-22 The Palace Hollywood, CA
1993-11-11 Markthalle Hamburg, Germany
1993-11-12 Cologne, Germany
1993-11-20 Salle du Lignon Geneva, Switzerland
1993-11-22 Transbordeur Lyon, France
1993-11-23 Cameo Theatre Miami Beach, FL
1993-11-25 Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain
1993-11-27 Pavilhão Os Belenenses Lisbon, Portugal
1993-12-1 Glesepn, Scotland
1993-12-7 Glesepn, Scotland
1993-12-9 Brixton Academy London
1993-?-? Nulle Part Ailleurs
1994-2-21 Royal Berks Social Club, Reading UK
1994-4-10 MTV Most Wanted
1994-5-13 Vidia Club Cesena, Italy
1994-5-27 Astoria London, England
1994-6-4 Club Quattro Tokyo, Japan
1994-6-26 Glastonbury Festival
1994-7-24 The Astoria, London -Mystery Gig
1994-8-27 Reading Festival
1994-9-14 Evening Session
1994-9-30 The Foundry Sheffield, UK
1994-10-8 Shepherds Bush Empire, London
1994-12-2 Amsterdam, Holland
1994-12-13 Beacon Theatre New York, NY
1994-12-17 Exhibition Hall Seattle, WA. USA
1995-2-16 Eve's Club
1995-2-21 Black Session, Paris, France
1995-2-27 2 Meter Sessions Bullet Sound Studios Holland
1995-3-14 Hallum University Sheffield, England
1995-3-24 The Forum, London England
1995-3-29 Sam's In Store Toronto, Canada
1995-4-1 Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe Seattle, WA
1995-4-3 Justin Herman Plaza San Fransisco, CA
1995-4-4 Santa Monica, CA
1995-4-6 Venus de Milo Boston, MA
1995-4-19 Sound City Studios Bristol, England
1995-4-24 FNAC Forum des Halles Paris, France Europe 1 Radio
1995-4-25 Europe 1 Studios Paris, France
1995-5-2 Planet Rock, Rome
1995-5-16 Later with Jools Holland (broadcast 1995-5-27)
1995-5-27 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence, RI
1995-5-30 Toad's Place New Haven, CT
1995-6-1  Tramps New York, NY
1995-6-3 Walker Session, London
1995-6-6 RPM Club Toronto, ON
1995-6-10 Metro, Chicago, IL
1995-6-15 The Palace Hollywood, CA
1995-6-20 Imperial Hall Osaka, Japan
1995-6-24 Shinjuku, Japan
1995-6-27 Xanadu Sapporo, Japan
1995-7-10 Sailors Union of The Pacific Seattle, WA
1995-7-30 Milton Keynes, London Radio Broadcast
1995-8-4 99x FM at Cat's Paw Studio, Atlanta, GA
1995-8-6 Catania Stadium Sicily, Italy
1995-8-13 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark
1995-8-18 MTV Most Wanted, London, England
1995-8-26 The Lowlands Festival Dronten, Belgium
1995-9-20 Starplex Dallas, TX
1995-9-24 World Music Theater Chicago, IL
1995-9-29 Buffalo, New York
1995-10-2 Mercury Lounge, NYC
1995-11-4 Brixton Academy, London
1995-11-5 Rock City, Nottingham
1995-11-6 Corn Exchange Cambridge, England
1995-11-21 Planet Ringo Milan, Italy
1995-11-22 Firenze, Italy
1995-11-23 Cesana, Italy
1995-12-1 Gino, Stockholm, Sweden
1995-12-4 Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1995-12-5 Luna Theater, Brussels, Belgium
1995-12-12 The Warehouse Toronto, Canada
1995-12-16 Event Center San Jose, CA
1995-12-18 KROQ 'Almost Acoustic Xmas' Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA
1995-12-? XFM Radio, London, England
1996-3-15 Tonight Show with Jay Leno
1996-3-22 CBC Vancouver, Canada
1996-3-29 The Wiltern Los Angeles, CA
1996-4-3 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
1996-4-4 The Metro Chicago, IL
1996-4-10 WHFS Just Passin' Thru Omega Studios, Rockville, Maryland
1996-4-12 Roseland New York City, NY
1996-4-13 Avalone Club, Boston, MA
1996-4-16 La Cigale, Paris
1996-5-4 Saturday Night Special, Los Angeles
1996-5-26 Le Bataclan, Paris
1996-5-27 Pinkpop Festival Landgraaf, Netherlands
1996-6-6 RPM Club, Toronto, Canada
1996-6-16 The Palace Theatre Los Angeles, CA
1996-7-7 Werchter Festival Brussels, Belgium
1996-7-13 Glasgow, Scotland
1996-7-14 T In The Park Festival Glasgow, Scotland
1996-7-28 Big Day Out In Galway
1996-8-14 Great Woods, Boston
1996-8-16 Jones Beach Amphitheater Wantaugh, New York
1996-8-17 Jones Beach Amphitheater Wantaugh, New York
1996-8-19 East Rutherford, NJ
1996-8-26 Hershey Park Hershey, PA
1997-5-24 Zaleste Barcelona, Spain
1997-5-28 BBC Evening Session
1997-5-28 Jo Whiley Show
1997-5-28 Maida Vale Studio
1997-5-31 Later with Jools Holland
1997-6-7 Tibetan Freedom Concert, Downing Stadium Randall's Island, New York, NY
1997-6-9 Irving Plaza, New York, NY
1997-6-9 KCRW "Morning Becomes Eclectic"
1997-6-14 KROQ Weenie Roast and Luau Irvine Meadows, USA
1997-6-24 Utrecht, Holland
1997-6-27 Avalon Farm, London, England
1997-6-28 Glastonbury Festival Pilton, UK
1997-7-2 E-Werk Cologne, Germany
1997-7-4 Les Eurockéennes, Belfort, France
1997-7-6 Rock Werchter Festival Werchter, Belgium
1997-7-25 Tonight Show with Jay Leno, LA
1997-7-27 Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA
1997-8-7 Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL
1997-8-10 Masquerade Atlanta, GA
1997-8-13 Metropol Pittsburgh, PA
1997-8-16 Lakewood Civic Center Cleveland, OH
1997-8-23 Harborlights Pavilion Boston, MA
1997-8-24 Electic Factory Philadelphia, PA
1997-8-25 Colin and Ed interview on NPR
1997-8-26 Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY
1997-8-29 Late show with David Letterman
1997-9-3 The Astoria, London, England [W.A.S.T.E. "fans only" concert]
1997-9-4 Bridlington Spa Bridlington, England
1997-9-11 Pavilion Plymouth, UK
1997-9-13 Brixton Academy London, England
1997-10-13 Ahoy Rotterdam, Holland
1997-10-14 Vorst Nationaal/Forêt Nationale Brussels, Belgium
1997-10-17 Salle de Schiltigheim Strasbourg, France
1997-10-18 Paris Zenith, France
1997-10-20 Grenoble, France
1997-10-22 Palais des Sports
1997-10-28 Le Zenith
1997-10-29 Vox Club Modena, Italy
1997-10-30 Palasport Florence, Italy
1997-11-2 Biskuithalle Bonn, Germany
1997-11-3 Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany
1997-11-11 Stadthalle Offenbach, Germany
1997-11-16 Wembley Arena London
1997-12-19 MTV 10-Spot Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY
1998-1-14 Nigata, Japan
1998-1-18 Kokusai Forum Tokyo, Japan
1998-1-23 Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan
1998-1-24 Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo, Japan
1998-2-4 Entertainment Center Sydney, Australia
1998-2-8 Adelaide, Australia
1998-2-10 Perth, Australia
1998-3-10 Rosemount Theatre Chicago, IL
1998-3-28 Aerial Theater, Bayou Place Houston, TX, USA
1998-3-29 Music Hall, Fair Park Dallas, TX
1998-4-1 Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, CA
1998-4-2 Bill Graham Civic Center San Francisco, CA
1998-4-4 Salem Armory Auditorium Salem, Oregon
1998-4-5 Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA
1998-4-6 Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, Canada
1998-4-10 Rosemont Horizon Chicago, IL
1998-4-12 Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto, Canada
1998-4-13 Molson Theatre Montreal, Canada
1998-4-15 Worcester Centrum Worcester, MA
1998-4-17 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY
1998-4-18 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY
1998-6-14 Tibetan Freedom Concert RFK Stadium Washington DC
1998-6-15 Tibetan Freedom Rally West Capitol Lawn Washington DC
1998-12-10 Amnesty Concert Palais Omnisports Paris, France
1999-6-14 Tibetan Freedom Concert Rai Parkhal, Amsterdam, Holland
1999-12-9 Webcast #1, Radiohead's Studio, UK


2002-2-26 Wiltern Theatre
2002-7-22 Lisbon, Portugal
2002-7-23 Lisbon, Portugal
2002-7-24 Lisbon, Portugal
2002-7-26 Porto, Portugal
2002-7-27 Porto, Portugal
2002-7-30 San Sebastian, Spain
2002-7-31 San Sebastian, Spain
2002-8-1 San Sebastian, Spain
2002-8-3 Benicassim, Spain
2002-8-5 Salamanca, Spain
2002-8-6 Salamanca, Spain
2002-8-7 Salamanca, Spain
2002-10-26 Bridge School Benefit Concert
2002-10-27 Bridge School Benefit Concert
2002-12-18 Webcast #4, Radiohead's Studio, UK

2004-3-3 Fuse Leeds Festival Leeds, UK
2004-4-14 Intex Osaka, Japan
2004-4-17 Makuhari Messe Tokyo, Japan
2004-4-18 Makuhari Messe Tokyo, Japan
2004-4-23 Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney, Australia
2004-4-24 Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney, Australia
2004-4-26 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, Australia
2004-5-1 Coachella Music Festival Indio, CA
2005-3-27 Ether Festival, London's Royal Festival Hall
This feature means to list all the live recordings of RADIOHEAD. I have found no complete list anywhere else.
This is like a Live Recording gigography it means to eventually list in detail all the live recordings of RADIOHEAD so everyone will be able to know what has & has not been recorded. This will help people when looking for RADIOHEAD shows to trade for/download.
Please note that there are shows that seem to be attainable through trade only & may be near impossible to obtain. List contains both audio & video.
These shows are compiled mainly from recordings I own. Additional info obtained from here.
In the figuring of correct dates of concerts which have multiple labellings, if I find a majority of a certain date for that show in various gigographies I go with that one.
To see another database of concerts available & sources (also includes mislabeled duplicates) go here.

If you have questions or info. contact me here.
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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