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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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This is an in-depth look at On A Friday's songs.
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On A Friday
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1988 Demo (Woodworm Studios)
Happy Song
To Be A Brilliant Light
Sinking Ship
Summer 1990 Demos
Climbing Up a Bloody Great Hill
Mr. B
What is that you See?
Dance Sucker
Upside Down
Give It Up
How Can You Be Sure?
Life with the Big F
Keep Strong
Burning Bush
Tell Me Bitch
New Generation
On A Friday
London School of Economics 1988 photos 1 2 3 4

Reviews: 1 2 3

Cufew: 1 2

Words appearing before How Can You be Sure partially deciphered.
On A Friday Demo (Dungeon Studios April 1991)
What is that you See?
Stop Whispering
Give It Up
Manic Hedgehog Demo (Courtyard Studios September 1991)
I Can't
Thinking About You
Nothing Touches Me
Phillipa Chicken
Rumored Songs
The Chains
Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth
Pump it Up
Money (That's What I Want)
Hooked on Classics
Too Much Monkey Business
Other Songs
Unknown Song
Where Will You Be This Christmas

Alternate On A Friday song info page found here.
Warner Chappell Song listed titles more likely to be On A Friday songs:  a cigarette, alice, all about rain, cardigan, down the roof, do you believe, everybody knows, exuberance & alcohol, fat girl, for god's sake, fragile friend, girl (in purple dress), god knows,  holier than thou, i don't want to hurt you, i know better, letter for upstairs, mountains (on the move), mr. celibate, my maggot, police, responsibilities, stone, sweet justice, talk about it,  there'll be a storm, when you get rio

Summer 1990 Demo
Lyrics deciphered by Emperor MAR with later additional help from Lydia & Spencer
Titles originally deciphered by Emperor MAR on basis of lyrics & Warner Chappell Website song titles.
Someone else figured out the title to Burning Bush.
If you have any questions, comments, & especially complaints contact me here.

I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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