I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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Believed to be written by Jonny.
Thought to be a candidate track on Ok Computer & was listed at many sites as a possibility but has since disappeared.
The song was mentioned on the old pre-Ok Computer website on a page with other songs mentioned.

I've been told that Thom revealed that the chorus to Dogwander on the rhmb in 1999 as "get around, get around"

Some think this song could be The Tourist as it is written by Jonny
It barks at no else but me

Website mention: 1 Possible Lyrics
bring on another take better than another cake.

Dogwander indicates the walk of the dog.

If you have questions or info. contact me here.
Thanks to probiotic from for the info about the Dogwander chorus
The Tourist/Dogwander relation discovered by Ryan Trask
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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