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Shave The Beaten Trail
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Shave The Beaten Trail
An Illiterate Hands song from 1988 or 1989.
Illiterate Hands was a band which included Matt Hawkesworth (guitars), Jonny Greenwood (keyboards, harmonica), Andy Yorke (vocals),  Simon Newton (bass), Nigel Powell (bass)

Nigel Powell
"By this time Andy had become a mean saxophonist, adding a great solo, heavily influenced by 'Fireplace' from REM's 'Document' to 'Shave The Beaten Trail', which is also the first time me and Andy wrote a song together. It certainly bore all the hallmarks of one of mine, since there were so many chords in it that Jonny had to read them off a piece of paper to keep up, and had some impenetrable but ecological sounding lyrics from Andy. It wasn't much good though. Although we collected all these songs together, I don't think we ever tried to sell any copies, so it's probably buried somewhere in time, thankfully." -Nigel Powell

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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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