I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
E-Bow the Letter
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E-Bow the Letter
Thom joins R.E.M. & sings vocals on this song in place of Patti Smith.

June 16, 1998 Tibetan Freedom Concert, Washington DC
August 29, 2003 Vancouver
Septemeber 15, 2004 St James' Church, London  News Story Pic

Notes by Michael Stipe on the Vancouver performance:
"..Thom got up with us to do 'ebow the letter' which is really my favorite song to sing, but it doesnít come often, it's more of a recitation but straight from the gut and I still donít know why it moves me so much but it does. One of the few actual biographic songs and it wasnít even written as a song. We were intense and then dancing and being foolish and it was exactly great and liberating and beautiful, thoms energy for me matches peter and mikes in terms of full circle inspiring me into head spin. Thatís the great part of creating things and then sending them out there. Plus the audience went apeshit when he walked onstage.."

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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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