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Last Flowers Till The Hospital, Cogs
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Last Flowers Till The Hospital, Cogs
A song written by Jonny which contained strings & many cords.
The song was mentioned on the old pre-Ok Computer website on a page with other songs mentioned.
Part of the Ok Computer recording sessions.
The origianl title is apparently from a sign on the way to Radciffe Hospital in Oxford.

Thom 12/12/99
i absolutley love this song. the name will get changed probably to Cogs. (Sarky cogs skwrkinground). jonny and i have rewritten the 2nd verse and we are yet to start recording it. but it's not lost.

It was one that we actually tracked and it sounded shite.

The old rumor was that Thom disliked the song and banished it. One of it's sonic influences is David Bowie. Colin was a big fan of the song and was upset to see it not included on OK Computer. Something with bad mixing. Colin explained that all band members must be in agreement before a track is used on an album.

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last flowers till the hospital*is a sign discovered in oxford -my unhealthy obsession with these institutions. analysts may get the connection. ambulances scream past my house at all hours of the day and night like the confessionals of Larkin's "Ambulan s."

My Opinion:
Last Flowers Till The Hospital is a far superior title to Cogs.

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Some info thanks to Travis Christensen
I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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