I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
The Loophole:  Baghdad
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The Loophole:  Baghdad
Small samples used make for or part of other songs for the Loophole.

2-4 A 4 part sample, consisting of 1-4. Only 1 is registered at Warner Chappell. :02
22-24 & 30- Percussion with a faint whisper :09, :07, :07, :07
R93-R96- Metallic Percussion :05, :03, :04, :01
R152-R161- Synth Voice
R152- Don't never :06
R153- reach :08
R154- while I :04
R155- hit the guitar start :03
R156- feather grows :04
R157- virtual fart, horn or syllable :04
R158- hit the guitar and start singing :07
R159- looking for :03
R160- feathered edges :03
R161- held down :01
T75- :04

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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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