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Pablo Honey
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Pablo Honey  :41
Band members first heard this song on a bootleg tape obtained by Chris Hufford. It was later released on the second album by the Jerky Boys, Jerky Boys 2. RADIOHEAD titled their own debut album after the track because it contains the motherly voice of a crank (Jerky Boy) caller speaking to her "Pablo Honey." Thom, after all, claims that Radiohead members are "mother's boys".


-Pablo, honey?
-Please,honey,come down to Florida.
-Come to Florida,honey,we need to...
-Yeah? Who's this?
-Pablo, honey, been washing your ass, Pablo?
-Who is this?
-Keep yourself clean, honey?

[1:40 onwards, How Do You?, right speaker]

-Please come to Florida
-Who the hell is this?
-Oh bastard,you.....
-You bastard.......Pablo?

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I'm Tired. Sleep Tonight.
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